Home in All Lands (Rank 6)Edit

Legends among the Red Talons state that the wolves with the greatest connection to the Progenitor Wolf were not bound by distance, but indeed could appear anywhere where wolves were found. This was long thought to be simply lore, but in fact an elder Red Talon with a strong enough lineage might well learn to fade from one location and appear anywhere else in the Realm or the Umbra, provided that the Progenitor has been there before him. Only the Progenitor Wolf himself teaches this Gift.


The player must roll Gnosis as though her character were stepping sideways. If successful, the character may appear at any location on Earth where wolves might be found naturally (whether or not any still exist) or any location that boasts Garou. She may instead choose to appear in any Umbral Realm that she has previously visited. A Red Talon must have Pure Breed 5 to learn this Gift.

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised