Herding the Infant Ape (Rank 3)Edit

Perhaps the most unpopular Gift in the entire tribe, this Gift is hidden by Whelp's Compromise, although a few Warders of the Land use it in more... experimental ways. It turns a human child of no older than ten years old into a creature of the wild, unable to set foot in a city. Some suggest that this Gift is responsible for myths such as Romulus and Remus, or the tale of Mowgli. Whelp's Compromise camp members use this to show that humans themselves can exist in harmony with Gaia, it is the City that is evil and needs to be destroyed. It is taught by a wolf or ape-spirit.


This Gift can be used only on a human child of no more than ten years. The player spends three Gnosis and rolls Charisma + Primal-Urge. The difficulty is the child's age; any child less than a year old automatically is barred from setting foot in a city for the rest of their life. For children aged one and up, the number of successes rolled becomes the number of decades that pass before they can re-enter a city. If they do so before then, they suffer incapacitating cramps, refuse to eat, and stay immobile until removed from the city.

Since this Gift only works on those too small to fend for themselves, few who use it simply abandon their charges. After all, a dead human child in the wild isn't the example the Whelp's Compromise wants to make.

Source: Player's Guide to Garou