Healing the Soul (Rank 5) Edit

Through a week long ordeal of fasting, trance states and spirit communion, the Theurge is able to set the elements of the Triat into perfect balance within one individual’s soul. Obviously, the subject to be healed must be willing, and the two individuals must remain in solitude (save for contact with spirits) for the duration. This Gift can cure insanity, ease emotional wounds, heal the effects of trauma and remove desensitization. If the spiritual injury was caused by ill conduct on the subject’s part, however, this Gift can only benefit them once: even the greatest empath has little sympathy for those who willingly slide back into self-degradation after being helped out the first time. An avatar of Unicorn teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The effects are largely character and story based. This Gift alone cannot cure full-blown Harano, but it can certainly ameliorate the causes, preventing it before it takes hold completely.

Source: Book of Auspices