Half Moon Mnemonics (Rank 3)Edit

This Gift allows a Garou to remember a moment with perfect clarity, fixing it forever within their mind. They may recall that moment at any time, and examine the memory from any angle they wish. The memory does not dim with age, and the recall is always perfect and total. A sea spirit teaches this Gift. The werewolf must seek an Umbral sea and meditate on the sound of its waves, until she can hear the sea spirit calling to her. She must then focus on those instructions while at the same time keeping total awareness of the moment to learn this Gift. Thus, she makes the wisdom and reflection of the Half Moon part of herself.

Silver Fangs of the Moon Lodge can learn this Gift. This is a Waning Cycle gift.


The player must spend one point of Gnosis to store a memory and then rolls Wits + Alertness (difficulty 6) to fix it in the character's mind. The roll is at difficulty 5 for a Philodox. The character can store one memory for every point of permanent Gnosis she has. To recall the memory, the player must make an Intelligence + Occult roll (difficulty 7, 6 if the character is a Philodox, 5 if the character is a Philodox and staring into water). A botch means the memory vanishes, leaving a permanent hole in the character's memory. The character may dump memories at any time, leaving her only a normal, fallible recollection of the event.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Revised