Graceful Strike (Rank 2)Edit

This Gift was used in bygone days to assassinate corrupt officials or merchants who were the tools of vampires. Beautiful young Gaoru would dance for them, then strike when the target least suspected. The secrets of the dancer's knife had been kept alive by members of the Dispossessed camp, who found it useful to play on their gypsy heritage. In these desperate times, it's a common tool of the camp's Galliards when a fight gets messy. This Gift is taught by a cobra-spirit.

Silent Striders of the Dispossessed camp learn this Gift.


The player spends one point of Gnosis before making an attack roll as usual (Dexterity + Melee, difficulty dictated by the weapon), though the character's attack is unusually fluid and dance-like. If the attack is successful, the player adds the character's Performance skill rating in dice to the damage roll.

Source: Silent Striders Tribebook Revised