Glory-Scars (Rank 4)Edit

Fenrir are proud of their scars, even those that have maimed them permanently. This Gift allows a werewolf to overcome her old injuries for a brief period of time, acting as though her body were never injured. The Fenrir's scars blaze with silver light, and any missing extremities are replaced with temporary substitutes made of the same cold, bright energy. Any war-spirit of Fenris' brood may teach this Gift.


The player spends a Rage point and rolls Rage, difficulty 5 + the number of Battle Scars her Garou has acquired. The Gift's effects last for two turns per success. As long as the Gift is in effect, the Garou may ignore wound penalties and the debilitating effects of her Battle Scars; even those that have lost a limb may fight as if whole. Extremities temporarily restored by Glory-Scars function as normal, causing no extra damage. This Gift cannot restore lost abilities in any other sense but that of combat; a Fenrir who has received the Battle Scar: Gelded cannot use this Gift to sire offspring, for instance.

Source: Get of Fenris Tribebook Revised

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