Ghost Touched (Rank 3)Edit

Once a Garou steps into the Dark Umbra, he carries an aura of death and decay with him always. The aura is difficult to see, but it is there nonetheless - the perceptive might smell a faint must in his fur, or catch strange reflections in the pupils of his eyes. This Gift harnesses that deathly aura, weaving it into a protective shield against the attacks or special abilities of ghosts. This Gift is taught by the denizens of the Dark Umbra, and is not easy to come by.

Silent Striders of the Harbingers camp learn this Gift.


Once learned, this Gift is always in effect; no roll need be made. The difficulties of all rolls made by ghosts (wraiths or spectres, if you're also using Wrath: The Oblivion) to affect the character are made at +2 difficulty (maximum 10). This includes effects that would be beneficial. Using the energies of the Dark Umbra in this way reinforces the impression of death that others may feel, which will increase the difficulty on Social rolls when the Storyteller feels it to be appropriate.

Source: Silent Striders Tribebook Revised