Gaze of the Hunter (Rank 3)Edit

The Garou stares into the eyes of an intended victim, and communicates to them the ancient bond between predator and prey - beginning the sacred hunt. This Gift is taught by the spirit of any predatory mammal - wolf, mountain lion, bear, etc.


The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Manipulation + Intimidation (diffculty 6 for animals or the human or other sentient target's Willpower - whichever is higher). If the Gaze is successful, the target (human or animal) understands the link and will act accordingly: Wild animals will run into the open, allowing the hunter to eventually catch and kill them. Humans and domesticated animals - for whom this is a terrifying experience - may run or cower, terrified. No victim will begin a fight, although if the Red Talon pursues and catches the prey, a battle might result. The Gift does not work on other Garou, but will be effective against most creatures the Garou sets out to hunt.

Source: 1st ed Red Talons Tribebook