Fly Feet (Rank 3 for Garou, Rank 2 for Ratkin)Edit

Like an insect, the Garou can now cling to vertical surfaces. She can walk along walls or hang from a ceiling. The adhesive grip of the Garou can even assist her when catching falling objects or seizing handholds when she is falling! A Fly-spirit, naturally, teaches this Gift.


The Garou can automatically activate this Gift with a Dexterity + Athletics roll. The difficulty depends on the surface. For instance, wood or stone is difficulty 5; glass or ice is difficulty 9. Moving along the ceiling increases the difficulty by 1. The Storyteller should halve all movement rates unless the player rolls five or more successes.

The Ratkin call this Gift: Crawling Chaos

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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