Firebringer (Rank 6)Edit

This powerful Gift allows a Ragabash to pull the ultimate stunt, stealing a supernatural power and turning it into a Gift. Moreover, the Gift can be taught to others, as if the New Moon was a spirit teacher. The difficult part is that the Ragabash has to endure having the power used on her first, but after that, she makes it her own to teach, but alas, not to use herself. A powerful spirit, such as the avatar of a trickster Incarna, teaches this Gift.


Survival, smarts and sacrifice are key to acquiring this Gift, though no specific dice rolls are needed. First, the Ragabash must suffer through the effects of the power (such as a vampiric Discipline or a mage's rote) being successfully used on her. Then, she can take her experiences, work with the appropriate spirit and turn the power into a Gift she can teach to others. The Ragabash cannot herself use the Gift, and moreover, she now has a vulnerability to its effects. The next time she encounters another supernatural using the power, the enemy is at one difficulty less to use it on the New Moon (the power more easily affects the Ragabash). Any supernatural power can be co-opted in this way, including Wyrm-tainted powers. In this way, the werewolves can turn the might of the Wyrm back on itself. Because of the sacrifice involved, the New Moon usually gains considerable Renown for not only "stealing" the knowledge of the supernatural power, but also teaching it to others. Storytellres should feel free to be creative and innovative in bringing powers from other games (such as Vampire and Mage) into the Werewolf universe. The Storyteller determines the level of any Gift gained in this manner, as appropriate.

Source: Book of Auspices

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