Find the Transgressor (Rank 5)Edit

With this potent Gift, the Judge calls upon the might of Gaia Herself to determine the exact location of any one named individual that has violated the Litany in some fashion. Use of this Gift is never a trivial undertaking, and those that abuse its power usually suffer dire consequences. An avatar of Gaia Herself teaches this Gift.

Shadow Lords of the Judges of Doom camp can learn this Gift.


The user spends two Gnosis and two Willpower, then invokes the will of Gaia to help him find a Garou who has violated the Litany in a particularly foul fashion. If Gaia would agree with the Judge's assessment of the situation (which is left entirely to the Storyteller's judgment), he learns the exact location of his quarry. No method of obfuscation, be it supernatural or mundane, can keep the target hidden. The Gift does nothing to help the Judge reach the target and it does not work on Wyrm-creatures (who are shrouded by their patron).

If Gaia disagrees with the Judge's opinion, or if the transgressor has violated the Litany in only a trivial sense, the Judge instead suffers one aggravated level of damage per Rank of the targeted Garou.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook Revised

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