Falcon's Grasp (Rank 1) Edit

A leader must keep a tight grip on his power, and this Gift allows the Garou to do so literally. The Garou's hands or jaws tighten in a mighty death-grip, making it nearly impossible to escape. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.

Sometimes, sheer tenacity gets the job done. With this Gift, the Uktena can hang on by claw or bite with a deathgrip that is almost impossible to break. Gila monster or alligator-spirits teach this Gift.

For the Nagah who uses the gift, the target is caught in the Nagah's coils, and does not bestow any additional damage.

System Edit

The player spends one point of Rage. For the remainder of the scene, the Garou's grip with either hands or jaws (or both at a cost of two Rage) is much stronger. In game terms, the Garou's Strength is considered three points higher for purposes of grappling or maneuvers such as the jaw lock (see Special Maneuvers ). The Garou may not use this extra Strength to inflict damage.

Other terms for this gift are: Implacable Grip (Uktena Tribebook Rev), Iron Coils

Sources: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, Uktena Tribebook Revised, Nagah Breedbook

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