Face in the Crowd (Rank 4) Edit

You thrive in the midst of riots, angry mobs, lynchings, civil disturbances, or any other situation where a crowd of humans rebels, revolts, or resists authority. The Gift doesn't actually enrage a crowd; it just adds direction to a riot already in progress. Wyldlings and Ratkin Twitchers teach this Gift.

System Edit

Using this Gift costs one Willpower each turn. That turn, you can use one noun and one verb to direct what an angry mob will do. The Garou doesn't need to vocalize these commands; the player states them to the Storyteller.

Silly commands automatically fail. (You could, for instance, issue the command "kill vampires," but demanding that everyone "drink Pepsi" does nothing.) You must direct the crowd at something other than itself (so verbs like "sleep," "vomit," or "laugh" or the noun "suicide" are right out.) The Storyteller has the right to veto any noun/verb that's too abusive ("kill yourselves") or just plain stupid.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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