Evocation of Ceremony (Rank 3) Edit

Rituals are not used only to evoke supernatural effects; they also have an inherent value to Theurges in and of themselves. Using this Gift, the Garou evokes a sense of awe, reverence and holy mystery through ritualistic behavior - anything from a Garou rite to a Catholic sacrament. Along with any normal mystical effect, the ceremony produces a sense of reaffirmation and cosmological belonging in everybody who participates. While Theurges usually use this effect to strengthen sincere spiritual devotions or build community among Garou, it’s just as easily abused to keep participants in a rite in ignorant, dogmatic fear of the supernatural world - the Theurge’s intent, not the nature of the Gift, determines which is the case. An enigmatic spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

Any being can attempt to inspire, unify or cow an audience through ritualism with a Charisma + Rituals, Occult, Performance or Subterfuge roll as appropriate to the exact situation. Possession of this Gift increases the Charisma of the Theurge by four dots, only for the purposes of such attempts (to a maximum of nine).

Source: Book of Auspices

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