Entropic BiteEdit

(Level Four) The character using this Gift injects a very powerful toxin into a target through their bite. This necrotic poison is much like that of the Brown recluse spider, but is far faster in its effects. The flesh simply dies wherever the bite occurs, and the toxins are strong enough to kill a full-grown human in fifteen seconds. Moreover, the poison spreads, taking more healthy flesh each round.


The character must successfully bite a target first; then he spends two Gnosis points and makes a Gnosis roll against a difficulty equal to the target's Stamina + 5 (never higher than 9). Once the necrotic venom enters the target's system, the target immediately feels the agonizing burn of the venom in action. The target takes one unsoakable health level of aggravated damage each turn; the poison travels through the bloodstream, killing red blood cells and all soft tissues as it goes. The remains of the victim who dies from this Gift are soft enough for the werespider to "drink", and can be used to heal any wounds the werespider has suffered as if the Damhan were drinking blood. While this poison even works on vampires, they can expel their own blood -- five blood points minimum -- to remove the toxins from their body. During this time, the vampire can take no other actions. Most younger vampires can only "spend" one blood point per turn, leaving them completely vulnerable for at least five turns. Other Ananasi are unaffected by this Gift.