Dumpster Diving (Rank 3) Edit

One of the less sanitary tribal totems, the Great Trash Heap, has dissipated its consciousness throughout the dumping grounds, landfills, and trash piles of the world. Bone Gnawers who follow this totem commune with the Incarna by defending, protecting, and even obeying these festering heaps. When a Garou has reached this rank of renown, he may be called upon to travel between festering sacred sites to carry out the totem's demands.

Just as entering a Moon Bridge helps Garou travel between caerns, dumpster diving allows Bone Gnawers and their packs to venture from one shrine of the Great Trash HEap to another. The werewolf burrows down into the trash, tunnels around in it, and then resurfaces inside another Heap on another part of the planet. Obviously, this Gift is taught by a totem-spirit of the Great Trash Heap. A Garou temporarily serving the totem through the Level One Gift: Tagalong can learn this Gift, but the werewolf must still petition the totem each time he uses it.

System Edit

The totem decides when to open and close these gateways and assigns their destinations. When the pack goes dumpster diving, the highest-ranking Bone Gnawer makes a Gnosis roll (difficulty 4) when entering the trash pile; the travel time is the same as for stepping sideways. This ability cannot be used more than once per day, and it only works at the totem's behest. Keeping these pathways open is difficult, so the traveler and his pack must return to their original site within three days. If they don't make it back in time, they'll have to travel back by more conventional means.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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