Drunken Spider (Rank 2)Edit

This Gift is primarily practiced by those Stargazers who feel that the Weaver is the true enemy of Gaia. With this ability, the Stargazer may affect the logic centers of any Weaver-spirit, jumbling its mind into sluggish discord. If the spirit isn't part of any physical manifestation mirrored in the "real" world, the spirit is merely hampered and confused. If performed on a spirit that's part of the soul of a machine, it actually makes the machine work significantly less efficiently, and thus makes it harder to use. A computer affected as such may not do what the user intends. Hitting "Enter," for instance, might trigger the "Backspace" key instead. Or opening a document might cause it to appear as gibberish. This Gift can be taught by either a cockroach-spirit or a water-spirit.


The player spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Crafts (difficulty of the spirit's Gnosis). If the spirit is "alone" and unassociated with any real world device, then each success on this roll reduces the spirit's Willpower rolls to act by one die. If the spirit is associated with a machine, then each success raises the difficulty to use the device by one as it acts oddly and performs erratically and slowly. The muddling effects last for the duration of the scene.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised

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