Domestic Seeming (Rank 2) Edit

Unicorn does not want humans to fear her children, even the lupus. Many lupus Children of Gaia learn this Gift in the interest of walking comfortably among humans. By using this Gift, a werewolf in Lupus form convinces observers that they see a dog, not a wolf. Ordinary humans look at the wolf and think "husky," "malamute" or some other similar breed of dog. Even other supernatural beings (save spirits) can be fooled by the Gift, seeing what they expect to see rather than the truth. This Gift is taught by any spirit of peace.

System Edit

The player spends a Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Animal Ken; the usual Manipulation penalties for Lupus form do not apply for the purposes of this Gift. If the player fails the roll, any observer can tell they're looking at a wolf with a successful Perception + Animal Ken roll. If the player gains any successes, human observers cannot penetrate the disguise; supernatural creatures may make a Perception + Animal Ken (difficulty 7) opposed by the player's roll to penetrate the illusion. Spirits of the Middle Umbra are not affected by the Gift at all; they recognize the werewolf as one of Gaia's warriors as usual. The Gift's effects last for a scene, or until the werewolf changes form.

Source: Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised

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