Divide (Rank 2)Edit

Perhaps more than any other species, humans are excellent at making tiny differences into massive gulfs. This can be seen in racism, sexism, homophobia and even in the quickly distancing term used to describe some criminals: Monsters. Garou, who are part human, have picked up neatly on these sorts of activities and even perhaps exceed humanity's capacity for them. This Gift, which raises up hatred and suspicion, is an example of that. It is taught by a dog-spirit.


By spending one Gnosis point and rolling Manipulation + Brawl, difficulty 7, the Garou can exacerbate divisions between individuals or groups. Note that the Gift cannot actually create anger and divisions; they must already exist to be exploited. If used on a theoretical "perfect family," the Gift would fail.

Among humans, the Gift simply prevents any resolution of issues and difficulties, possibly breaking into violence. One success might cause targets to raise voices at each other, three would spell lawsuits, and five might bring them to blows.

Among Garou and other shapeshifters with Rage, however, this Gift is even more powerful. Every success on the initial roll adds one success on all Rage rolls the targets make throughout the rest of the scene. With such manipulation, it is doubtful that any peace can be made, and highly probable new troubles will emerge.

Source: Player's Guide to Garou

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