Devouring Rime (Rank 2)Edit

A Garou with this Gift can touch something living and cause it to become covered with ice. Slowly radiating outward from the point of contact, a shimmering coat of ice crawls over the target's body, freezing every muscle it touches into motionlessness. A jaggling of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift.


The character must be within physical reach of the target, and must be able to touch the target's bare skin, flesh or fur. When he does so, the player spends one Willpower point to create a quickly-growing layer of ice over the target's body. The target must spend a point of Rage to resist the devouring coat of ice before the next round, or she becomes frozen and immobile for the rest of scene. The ice itself behaves naturally under all external physical changes; for example, it melts beneath a sudden blast of heat, and it can be chipped away (carefully) by anyone assisting the target.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised

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