Dead End (Rank 2) Edit

Through a bit of graffiti and casual sabotage, the Garou can discourage anyone who wants to track him, follow him, or even take interest in his affairs. The werewolf can alter a sign, spray-paint directional information, or perhaps just simply turn street signs the wrong way to misdirect people who find it. This Gift works far better on humans than supernatural creatures. Some urban werewolves attempt this Gift two or three times a week to keep their stomping grounds hidden (rather like a lesser version of the Rite of the Signpost).

System Edit

Using this Gift requires one Gnosis and enough time to spray-paint graffiti, turn around a street sign, or commit some other act of urban mischief. (If you need an exact number of turns, roll Wits + Survival, difficulty 4, and subtract the number of successes from 10; that's the number of turns you'll need.) On any roll to track the Garou past this obstacle, increase the difficulty by 3. The effects last for a full week.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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