Data Flow (Rank 3) Edit

Data Flow is in a way the definitive Glass Walker Gift. Just like the tribe, it has evolved. Originally it was designed as a 'remote control' for electronic devices like electric lights, and was most commonly used before an attack to put a building in black out. As time went on and the computer became more important, it started to be used more commonly to control computers from anywhere within line of sight. These days, it is most commonly used as a Gift of stealth. As detection and forensic investigation continues to improve, this Gift allows Glass Walkers to avoid any contact whatsoever with their targets.

Ceilican Bastet can learn this Gift at Rank 3.


After spending one Gnosis point, the Player rolls Wits + Computer (difficulty 7) to gain control of any electronic device. They must maintain eye contact with the device, or will lose control of it. This Gift does not grant expertise in how to use a device. Operating a computer would still require additional Computer rolls, they simply can be attempted without touching the computer.

Sources: Player's Guide to Garou, Bastet Breedbook

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