Dagger of the Mind (Rank Three)Edit

The Black Spiral Dancer can command a Bane to seed a particularly dark emotion in the mind of his prey. The emotion is chosen when the Gift is learned (e.g. paranoia, despair, remorse, lust; "rage" is not an option, for obvious reasons). The Black Spiral calls upon the proper Urge Wyrm; one of its servitors then evokes the proper emotion in the target.

Within the Shattered Labyrinth, the Dance of Endurance tests the limits of a dancer's self-control. If the initiate survives, one of the Urge Wyrms will show him how to inflict similar tortures on his enemies. Curiously enough, Stormcrows have learned this Gift; they guard their knowledge carefully. Theurges often use this rite to weaken their enemies before battle; Philodox use it to give themselves an edge in negotiations.


The invocation burns a point of Gnosis and requires a Gnosis roll; the victim can resist this with a contested Willpower roll. Unless the victim can overcome his emotional struggle, he succumbs to the desired emotion for a full hour. For an additional Willpower point, the temporary dementia is accompanied by a brief, revelatory illusion.

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