Custom Built (Rank 5) Edit

Initially a Random Interrupt invention but now spread throughout the tribe, this Gift is both revered and reviled. Treating spirits as data, the Glass Walker can manipulate the spirit of a tool to turn it into any other tool. The actual object doesn't change, but its properties and use does. A PDA can become razor sharp, or a knife could be tapped on to hack into a system. Once the object has been used once, though, the spirit dies and the object breaks beyond repair. A Patter Spider can teach this Gift, but they never do so willingly and must be coerced. More commonly, other Garou teach it.

System Edit

A Glass Walker using this Gift spends one Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Science. Difficulty depends upon the degree of change. Turning a tool into another of much the same purpose is difficulty 5, (turning a sword into a pistol), changing a tool into another of different purpose but similar complexity is difficulty 7, (turning a sword into a frying pan), while turning a toll into another of vastly varying complexity is difficulty 9 (turning a sword into a laptop computer). This tool can be used exactly once; one bullet may be fired, one egg may be fried, one password may be cracked. After that, the object falls apart.

Many Glass Walkers consider this Gift heinous murder, and if it is used in anything short of a dire emergency the user will lose Honor and Wisdom. (Storyteller's discretion.) Simply knowing the Gift is enough to be shunned by some. Ironically, this attitude is most common among the Random Interrupts, and almost none know the Gift.

Source: Glass Walkers Tribebook Revised

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