Cull the Herd (Rank 2)Edit

A Red Talon using this Gift measures the vitality of her prey to plan her attack strategy effectively. During the Impergium, Red Talons used this Gift to pick the weakest of the humans and destroy them. Occasionally, the Red Talons killed the strongest of the humans to remove them from the breeding pool. Today, the Gift continues to help Red Talons hunt and kill their prey. An avatar of Wolf teaches his children how to detect the easiest prey.


The Red Talon need only succeed on a Perception + Medicine roll (difficulty 7) to determine the general health and fitness of an individual. The Gift also works on animals and Garou as well as humans. One success detects any injuries, whereas five successes would reveal the creature's entire physiology.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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