Cub's Lesson (Rank 1)Edit

Lupus Garou often have difficulty when walking among humans, even as part of a pack. Those few Red Talons that are intrigued rather than enraged by human behavior have even bigger problems, as they cannot expect instruction from the tribe in human ways. This Gift allows a lupus werewolf to learn from a mistake and gain a better understanding of human devices and customs, albeit temporarily. Weaver-spirits and (strangely enough) some ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.

Red Talons of the Whelp's Compromise camp learn this Gift.


This Gift, once learned, is always active. Any time the player attempts a roll using an Ability that the character does not possess and fails the roll, she may spend a point of Gnosis and make the roll again, adding one die. This does not replace the original roll, so any consequences of failure must still be faced. Note that since a character that has no dots in a Knowledge cannot normally use that Knowledge at all, a character with this Gift must use it to make such an attempt at all.

For example, Eyes-like-Hornets, a Red Talon Ragabash, gets into a conversation with a human woman and attempts to tell her a joke. The werewolf doesn't have any dots in Expression, however, and fails the Charisma + Expression roll to get the woman to laugh. The player spends a Gnosis point and makes another roll, adding a die. This time, it succeeds. Eyes-like-Hornets recognizes that his first attempt at humor didn't go over as he'd hoped, and covers it up. If Eyes-like-Hornets didn't have any dots in Linguistics and was trying to simply communicate with the woman, his player would have to spend a point of Gnosis for each attempt to do, as he cannot attempt to use a Knowledge he doesn't have.

If the original roll is a botch, the player may still spend a Gnosis point to make another attempt, but the difficulty increases by one.

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised

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