Create Element (Rank 1) Edit

The metis has the power to create a small amount of one of the four basic elements — fire, air, earth or water. In this way, she can replenish the air supply in an airtight room, make a rock to throw at someone, create a fire without matches or wood, or even fill a bathtub without any faucet or pipes. The metis cannot create specialized forms of any element. Precious metals (especially silver), lethal gases and acid are beyond his reach. This Gift creates only natural air, earth, fire and water. Elementals teach this Gift.

Most Bastet favor the five Oriental elements (fire, wood, metal, earth and water), but those born in the Western Hemisphere often know them as earth, air, fire and water. An Eastern Bastet may create raw ore and wood, but cannot conjure air. Neither version can create precious metals, refined ores, gasses or poison.

System Edit

The werewolf's player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Gnosis. Each success allows the character to create approximately one cubic foot of the desired element, to a maximum weight of 100 lbs, anywhere he can see within 60 feet. The element remains in existence until used up (breathed in the case of air or burned up in the case of fire without any fuel to keep it going). The flames created with this Gift are genuinely hot, but they are no substitute for a flame-thrower. They inflict one health level of damage per success, to a maximum of three health levels of damage.

Sources: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, Bastet Breedbook

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