Cold Voice of Reason (Rank 2)Edit

Shadow Lords are skilled manipulators, and are renowned for their ability to both stall for time and talk their opponents into going about their business. This Gift gives that character trait supernatural force, holding assailants at bay while the Lord himself either escapes or calls on others for support. It must be used strategically to be effective, but it can be powerful when used in this fashion. This Gift is taught by a crow-spirit.


When the Lord is attacked in combat, or even merely threatened, the player may spend a Gnosis point and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 8) as a reflexive action. The Lord must be able to speak in a language his opponent can understand, although he needn't express concepts more difficulty than "Are you sure you want to do that?" or the like. The attacker may not initiate hostile action against the Lord for one turn per success, provided the Lord and his allies do not, in turn, engage in hostilities against the attacker. If the victim is herself attacked, even by someone other than the Lord, the effects of the Gift end and she may resume her attack. A botch with this Gift drives the attacker into frenzy.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook Revised

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