Circular Attack (Rank 5) Edit

The Garou can battle multiple opponents, not only avoiding their attacks, but actually channeling them into other foes (or causing a foe to strike himself if the Garou is fighting only one foe). This Gift is taught by a Wind spirit.

System Edit

The Garou spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits + Dodge (difficulty of the highest Wits + 3 amongst the opponents faced). The Garou must be in melee combat, or must be attacked in a firefight by two or more foes. Each success enables the Garou to avoid and redirect one attack.

Example: if the Garou had a Wits of 4, a Dodge of 4 and was fighting 6 foes, each with a Wits of 2, the Garou would roll 8 dice against a difficulty of 5. If he rolled four successes, he would avoid four attackers who would all roll to hit each other or another of the Garou's foes. Two of the foes would strike normally, but could still be dodged by the Garou.

Source: 2nd ed WWtA Corebook

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