Chant of Morpheus (Rank 3)Edit

The user of this Gift can induce a long, restful slumber in the target. Although the Gift will not stop a frenzied werewolf, it can ward off a frenzy before one takes place. The Gift disinclines any hostile activity after the peaceful rest. Also, the waking victim is able to think much more clearly. An Opossum-spirit teaches this Gift to individuals with patience and a lot of time.


The number of successes on a Charisma + Enigmas roll (difficulty equal to the opponent's Willpower) determines the number of hours that the target sleeps. One Gnosis point activates this power. For one hour after waking, the target must spend a Willpower point to take any hostile action against the user of this Gift. Any attacks directed at the sleeper awaken her immediately and end the effects of the Gift.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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