Buzzword Language (Rank 2) Edit

The Glass Walkers have always needed the ability to hide in plain sight more than other tribes by virtue of being in plain sight so much more often. As a result, they've developed many Gifts for communicating unnoticed, but very few have been so successful as this. The Corporate Wolf simply begins to babble in the incoherent - yet entirely accepted - tongue of modern business and the person he's talking to will completely comprehend his message, which can be totally unrelated to a single word in the conversation.

Glass Walkers of the Corporate Wolves camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

The player spends one point of Willpower and rolls Charisma + Subterfuge, difficulty 7. Each success determines how accurately the message is conveyed. At one success the message comes out in single-word sentences. ("You. Me. Escape.") Three successes allow for simple, single-clause sentences. ("You and I will use the staircase to escape.") Five successes, you could package a short story into the phrase "Leoni and I need to dialogue about leveraging our core competencies in order to achieve market affiliation."

Source: Glass Walkers Tribebook Revised

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