Brew (Rank 2)Edit

The Fianna are renowned for their ability to drink liquor. Part of this legend stems from their ability to make it. With Brew, the Garou can mystically transform a pitcher of any liquid into an alcoholic substance. This Gift can surreptitiously inebriate unsuspecting targets. A Grain-spirit, and in some cases a Worm-spirit, teaches this Gift.


After spending a Gnosis point, the player rolls Wits + Medicine (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines the quality and the potency of the concoction. One success can create cheap, domestic beer, low-budget wine or mediocre tequila, while five successes can create a high quality imported beer, fine vintage champagne or a top-shelf liquor. A botch creates a brew that induces massive hangovers (-1 penalty for the entire next day).

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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