Break the Loom (Rank 5)Edit

The Stargazer uses controlled cognitive dissonance to temporarily confuse Paradox and banish it. With riddles and conundrums posed to the thin air, the Stargazer thus confuses the Weaver, who halts her spinning as she tries to solve the riddle. This Gift is taught by Chimera herself.


The player rolls Wits + Enigmas and spends one Gnosis point. If successful, a particular manifestation of Paradox is canceled. In addition, the Gauntlet of the area drops for the rest of the scene by one point for each success gained. This is an immensely powerful Gift when put to use for a mage; however, Stargazers usually let mages learn from their own mistakes, intervening only if the Paradox threatens someone other than the unwise willworker.

Source: 1st ed Stargazers Tribebook

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