Blizzard of Arrows (Rank 4) Edit

The Black Fury who uses this Gift truly shows herself the equal of any man - or machine - on the battlefield. Once Blizzard of Arrows is activated, the Garou deals out nightmarish pain to the hordes that oppose her. Heroes with this Gift might single-handedly have turned cavalry charges, in the days when such things still took place. For today, however, the Fury with this Gift is the perfect ally when faced by hordes of Wyrm-creatures. This Gift is taught by a Porcupine-spirit.

Black Furies of the Amazons of Diana camp may learn this Gift.

System Edit

Spend a point of Willpower and two points of Rage, and you may take a single arrow shot (at no multi-action penalty) at every foe within 100 yards, to a maximum of 20 enemies. Simply roll to hit once, using the sight and range penalties for the hardest-to-hit foe in range, and apply that number of successes against each enemy, which individually may soak, dodge, etc, as the Storyteller sees fit.

This Gift is limited by the number of arrows you have on hand: all arrows that you intend to shoot must be someplace that they can easily be nocked and shot from (in a quiver on the back or waist, or stuck point-first into the ground in front of your; lying scattered nearby will not suffice). The bow and arrows may be of modern manufacture, but cannot use any exceptional Weaver-based equipment (such as laser sights or explosive tips) to gain any accuracy or damage bonus. However, a fetish bow shooting talen arrows is certainly acceptable.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised

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