Blending (Rank 2)Edit

Intruder legends tell of the uncanny ability of native peoples to hide in plain sight, even only yards away. This Gift allows the user to blend into the landscape simply by crouching and keeping still. It isn't invisibility; rather, the Garou draws the landscape into himself to appear to the unwary as a natural part of the terrain. This Gift is especially common among caern guardians. Any stealthy spirit, such as chameleon, teaches this Gift.


The Garou stands among terrain features (trees, thickets, etc) or simply hunkers down and wills herself to be one with the environment. A searcher must make a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 9) to recognize the Garou as something more interesting than a stump, and the expenditure of a Gnosis point negates three sucesses (this includes scent as well as sight). If the searcher is looking directly away, the Garou may move slowly in any direction, but even the slowest movement while in the searcher's field of view reveals her instantly.

Other terms for this Gift are: Natural Camouflage (1st ed Uktena Tribebook)

Source: Uktena Tribebook Revised & 1st ed

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