Berserker Song (Rank 2)Edit

This fearsome battle song is in a language that has yet to be recognized - it's certainly not Nordic, any Germanic language, nor Garou. Yet it is potent, for it both channels and increases Rage in the warrior who sings it. Some younger Fenrir have begun experimenting with the tune and discovered that the lyrics can be sung in any method so long as they maintain the lyrics, and sing it in more modern styles (which outrages some elder Get). An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift, but cannot explain its origins.


After spending two Rage points, the player rolls Stamina + Expression or Performance, whichever is higher, against difficulty 6. For a number of rounds equal to the successes gained, the Get automatically frenzies, receiving the benefits of ignoring wounds, shifting immediately to Crinos, and immunity to mind influencing powers. However, he can pull out of this frenzy immediately and may use simple weapons like swords or bludgeons. If the Garou is stopped from singing, somehow, the effect automatically ends.

Source: Player's Guide to Garou

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