Beautiful Lie (Rank Four)Edit

When the Veil is endangered, Gaia protects the minds of the innocent with the Delirium, granting false memories and delusions. Since Black Spirals commit particularly grisly crimes, they can use this Gift to channel the Delirium, producing further misdirection or even summoning false evidence to cover up their actions.

Spirits serving Kirijama and Hakaken are both proficient in this sort of activity. They typically employ subterfuge to deceive those they wish to suborn. If a werewolf recruits enough servants for their schemes, this Gift may be taught in exchange. A Black Spiral with a particularly ingenious Dance of Cunning may also learn this Gift in the Shattered Labyrinth, especially if he exposes (or perpetuates) a particularly brilliant lie.


A Black Spiral observing a particularly unsubtle crime may attempt to cover it up with a "beautiful lie." He begins to chant a story of what humans nearby are actually seeing. The Dancer spends one point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Subterfuge; the difficulty is 6 (as long as the story is vaguely plausible). Mass delusions follow, and ephemeral evidence (e.g. animal footprints, a bloody chainsaw, saliva from a rabid dog) remains for an entire hour to obfuscate the truth.

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