Bare the Heart (Rank 4)Edit

This Gift utilizes the Uktena's noted penchant for delving into the deepest secrets. The Earth Guides use this Gift to examine Bane Tenders for signs of Wyrm-taint. Using the clear sight granted him by this Gift, an Uktena can look beyond outward manifestations, internal manipulations and even magical disguises that might mask Wyrm-taint, corruption or evil intent and pierce straight to the heart of the truth. Thus, the Garou might note that an otherwise normal-looking person is really a fomor or a Black Spiral Dancer by use of this Gift. Garou using the Gift could also determine that someone is disguised (via cosmetic means or magical change), but only if that person has evil intent (i.e., intends to commit some evil - as defined by the Garou's concept of evil - while so disguised. Thus, if a bank-robbery was in the offing, the Garou might not see through the mask unless he cares about that bank, but he would unmask someone intending to clear-cut a virgin forest.) This Gift is taught by an Incarna avatar.

Uktena of the Earth Guides camp may learn this Gift.


The Garou using this Gift must spend at least one turn intently observing the person he wishes to examine. While doing so, he attunes himself to the person's innermost core, the truth of the heart, and spends two points of Gnosis. The player then rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty 6). Even one success uncovers a falsehood if any exists and the nature of the mask (cosmetic, magical, etc.). Two successes pinpoint how deeply the taint runs and the exact nature of the hidden heart (i.e., if the target is Wyrm-corrupted, a Bane, a vampire, etc.), while three or more successes allows the Garou to discover such a creature's immediate intent (i.e., what its plans are for the remainder of the scene).

Source: 1st ed Uktena Tribebook

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