Bane Protector (Rank 1)Edit

The Black Spiral can summon banes to aid her. Before these servitors can act, the Black Spiral must convince them of her intent. Her actions must be in the best interest of the Wyrm. The servitors can fight for her, but will not allow themselves to be bound or destroyed. The spirits will also try to arrange a bargain, agreeing to help the summoner if she performs a service (or sacrifice) for them afterwards.

This Gift is taught in the first circle of the Spiral Labyrinth. The dancer may find a way to deceive the Banes that torment her, convincing them to aid her instead. Alternatively, a Black Spiral who performs an especially difficult task for a Bane-totem might receive the knowledge in return.


Use of Gift burns a point of Gnosis and requires a Manipulation + Leadership roll (difficulty 6).

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