Balance of Wormwood (Rank 5)Edit

With this Gift, a character can learn to aid another Garou who has succumbed to the service of the Wyrm, and guard them from the Destroyer's influence. Because Great Wendigo treasures the purity of his Tribe, he has conferred this Gift upon his children, to give them greater power to continue the fight against the Wyrm. Like a taste of wormwood, which brings clarity to the mind, two Garou join their spirits together beneath the cleansing, eternal winds of Wendigo's spirit. With this Gift, depending upon each other, they may resist the attraction of the Wyrm that drives werewolves into unspeakable acts and mindless vile savagery. An avatar of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift.


The target character must already have fallen into the service of the Wyrm, by walking the Black Spiral or through other means. The Garo using this Gift must spend a point of Gnosis and make a Willpower + Manipulation roll against her target's Willpower. If she succeeds, the target character may resist the horrific urges that the Wyrm brings for the remainder of the scene. This may be enough to allow the fallen Garou to attempt the long road back to Gaia's graces, but those who are long fallen or far from Gaia's grace may need much more than a simple application of this Gift. If the Gifted werewolf fails, her own current frenzy difficulty decreases by one, and she may be unable to avoid falling into the Thrall of the Wyrm.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised

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