Another's Moccasins (Rank 2)Edit

The human cultures of Uktena Kinfolk are too frequently ignored or derided by the mainstream; their wolf Kin are persecuted as a matter of course. This Gift opens the eyes of the ignorant to life on the other side, showing them a new and (for a while, at least) fascinating perspective. By speaking briefly with the subject about the culture or species in question, the Garou can instill curiosity or appreciation for the culture - or if particularly successful, an obsession with learning about and aiding the Kinfolk's people. The Earth Guides in particular use this Gift to nudge adversaries (usually in government or the media) into the role of allies. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.


The character must have the subject's undivided attention and engage in a brief conversation about the culture in question (for instance, the Navajo or wolves). The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty is 9 minus the subject's Intelligence). For one success, the subject may pick up a Hillerman novel, or admit to himself that wolves were important to the balance of nature, at least before humans changed things. For five successe, he might well involve himself in humanitarian efforts on the reservation, or spend his vacation trekking to Alaska in the hopes of having a Farley Mowat experience with a wolf pack. The Gift's effects last about a week per success, but with luck a natural interest develops as the subject delves into his study of the culture.

Source: Uktena Tribebook Revised

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