Ancestral Recall (Rank 3)Edit

By accustoming themselves to a particular area or tribal group, the Earth Guides can "recall" pertinent information about tribal practices or traditions that may have been lost over time. This might uncover hidden lore of the tribe or simply reveal everyday information not generally known by outsiders. The Gift is taught by an Uktena Ancestor-spirit. Garou using this Gift need not have Background: Ancestors.

Uktena of the Earth Guides camp may learn this Gift.


The Garou must have spent at least 24 hours in the presence of those whose tribal memories she is attempting to access. The player then rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 7). The number of successes determines the strength and obscurity of the information available. If the Garou can access hidden or forgotten lore, the player must spend a point of Gnosis to learn it.

Successes Information
One Common information
Two Uncommon (When dancing their harvest rites, the tribe wore corn silk tied to their costumes)
Three Obscure (known to some tribal elders; i.e., the tribe once served as guardians of a particular fetish)
Four Hidden (known only to the greatest Medicine Worker, passed on only to a trusted successor; i.e., the tribe's dancing place lies atop the resting place of a powerful evil spirit and their dances keep it pacified)
Five Forgotten (known only to ancient ancestors; i.e. "Our people once knew this evil spirit's true name. Perform this service for my descendants, and I will tell it to you.")

Source: 1st ed Uktena Tribebook

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