Ancestral Incarnation (Rank 5)Edit

The connection of a Stargazer to his ancestors can be deemed more "intense" than that of other Garou. This Gift is proof of that. The few Stargazers with this Gift are not only able to plumb the depths of the ancestral memories for help, but are literally able to become one (or many) of their ancestors for a short time. The Stargazer glows with a pale nimbus of light and actually exhibits the physical traits (altering her appearance) of one or several of her ancestors. For a time, the Stargazer may also tap into the wealth of knowledge and ability of her forebears and use that to enhance her own actions for a time. This Gift is taught by an Epiphling of Truth.


The player spends three Gnosis points. The Stargazer exhibits a number of ancestral traits equal to the dots in her Ancestors Background. (For instance, Naipurya Sunblade has an Ancestors score of three. She exhibits three traits of her ancestors that alter her appearance. From her ancestor Silverstar she gains a mane of gray hair, from her ancestor Fu-Kui-Kang she shows bright yellow eyes, and from her ancestor Gi-on Shows-the-Way she gains a long scar along the length of her muzzle.) For the remainder of the scene, the Stargazer may also add her Ancestors score to any roll she makes.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised

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