Luna gifts her Half Moon children with the powers of balance, the ability to detect truth and enforce law. As judges and mediators, many Philodox gravitate into leadership positions, and they possess Gifts to aid them in this role.

Source: 3rd ed WWtA Corebook, page 139

Rank 1Edit

Ma'at's Feather

Moon Lore

Resist Pain

Scent of the True Form

Truth of Gaia

Rank 2Edit

Call to Duty

King of the Beasts

Omen of Truth

Realm Wisdom

Strength of Purpose

Rank 3Edit

Bonds That Tie Us

Divided Heart

Sense Balance

Weak Arm

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways

Rank 4Edit

Reality's Path

Roll Over

Scent of Beyond

Take the True Form

Rank 5Edit


Soul's Guilt

Wall of Granite

Rank 6Edit

Release from Bondage