Fomori do not have to be cut and dry, or follow any particular set of rules. Let your imagination run wild. As long as it's creepy and wild, and as long as your players have fun, you can generate them however you'd like. However there are some who prefer more cut-and-dry stats, and this is a fairly good general guide. The information here was taken from Freak Legions, a White Wolf/Black Dog book that is a Fomori Player's Guide. Hence, these might be a little more powerful than your average Joe Fomor. Adjust accordingly.


A fomor (plural fomori) is a person (or sometimes an animal) which has been possessed by a Bane (a Wyrm spirit). Once the transformation into a fomor is complete, that person is no longer human. He is something else entirely. The Bane is permanently wedded to his body and soul--two beings become one symbiotic whole. But this isn't a love fest. It's a horrible violation, a rape most vile. The Bane burrows into the deepest recesses of the victim's soul, becoming privy to all the person's memories, hopes, dreams and fears. And the victim feels the raw emotions of the Bane--poisonous, black thoughts of murder and destruction. Few souls can successfully remain humane, moral beings once fused with the Wyrm.


What brings about this possession? Many factors can lead to it. For one, the person must somehow attract a Bane. Many modern people do this without knowing it. Their hatreds and fears naturally draw the Wyrm's spiritual minions to them, like sharks to blood spilled in the sea.

While many Banes can possess someone through sheer force of will, most require a spiritual hole in the victim's soul that they can crawl into and snuggle up in, slowly melding with the victim, hidden by the victim's own dark emotion. Great anger hides them best, but simmering, tense hatred, fear, envy, and other "sins" also serve to cloak the spiritual resident. In other words, the victim first invites the Bane in, although she is often ignorant that she does so.

Once allowed entry into a soul, the Bane begins the process of possession (by using the Charm of the same name). This takes a while. Anytime during this period, the Bane can be driven out, either through the willful repulsion by the victim (rare in this spiritually bereft age) or by the assault of an enemy, such as a Garou.

Garou can enter the Umbra and physically attack Banes in the process of possession. If they kill the Bane or run it off, the process is over, the possession is unsuccessful. But if it wins its way through to the center of the soul before someone can stop it, and completes the process of possession, then the result is irrevocable: the victim becomes a fomor.


These wretched mortals receive great supernatural powers from the Wyrm, but they also suffer horrible deformities in return. They are tainted with corruption, and will smell of the Wyrm to any Garou sniffing them out. While most fomori may still resemble their former selves, most grow ugly and abominable in appearance, as thick carapaces grow to cover their musculature or long, sharp barbs slide from their forearms. Fomori are nothing less than monsters.

Basic GenerationEdit

Fomori begin as mortal humans (except for supernatural fomori, such as those that have possessed former Garou or Vampires--see below). As such, they have no special or supernatural abilities beyond the Powers and Taints they possess. For instance, unless the fomor has bought the Power: Regeneration, he heals as he would as a normal human--which could be fatal when he fights Garou.

Select AttributesEdit

Prioritize your three categories: Physical, Social, Mental (6/4/3)

Select AbilitiesEdit

Prioritize your three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges (11/7/4)

Select AdvantagesEdit

  • Choose Backgrounds, (5: Pentex-employed fomori receive Resources 1.)
  • Choose Powers and Taints (Characters receive one Power point for every Taint point they take; see below).

Finishing TouchesEdit

  • Record Willpower (3)
  • Spend freebies points (21)


These are the horrible costs a fomor pays for her Wyrm gifts. Characters receive one Power point for every Taint point they take.

d100 Roll** Taint Worth
01-06 Addiction varies
07-12 Atrophy varies
Balefire Curse 7
13-17 Bane Attractor 3
18-21 Brainwashed 3
22-25 The Crusties 3
26-29 Derangement 3/2/1
30-33 Disintegration 6
34-37 Doomed varies
38-41 The Fading 5
42-45 Infections 4
46-49 Inner Volcano 5
50-53 Limited Mobility 2
54-57 Mental Devolution varies
58-61 Mutoid Cancer 4
62-65 Physical Wasting varies
66-69 Rotting 6
70-73 Second Head 5
74-78 Severe Allergy 3/2/1
79-83 Special Diet varies
84-86 Teledementia 5
87-91 Ugly as Sin 1
92-95 Walking Bomb 5
96-99 Worms 3
100 Roll again; double that Taint's effect
or choose two of that Taint (i.e. two Derangements)
**See the Taint: Balefire Curse


These are what make fomori different from their fellow beings. Characters receive one Power point for every Taint they take.

d100 Roll* Power Cost d100 Roll* Power Cost
01 Animal Control 2 59 Molecular Weakening 4
Balefire Flux 7 60 Mouth of the Wyrm 4
02-04 Berserker 3 61 Nightmare Command ?
05-06 Body Barbs 2-10 62 Nimbleness 2
07 Body Expansion 2 63 Noxious Breath 2
08 Brain Eating 6 64 Numbing 3
09 Cause Insanity 2 per die 65 Phoenix Fire ?
10 Chameleon Coloration varies 66 Plasmic Form 6
11-15 Claws, Fangs, or Horns 3/5/7 67 Poison Tumors 3
16 Corrupted Visions 4 68 Procreation 4
17-18 Darksight 2 69 Prolonged Life 4
19 Deception 7 70 Rat Head 4
20 Ectoplasmic Extrusion 3 71 Regeneration 5
21 Enhancement 3 72 Roar of the Wyrm 4
22-23 Exoskeleton 2 73 Savage Genitalia 2
24-26 Extra Limbs 3 per limb 74 Scent of the Wyld 5
27 Extra Sped 3/6 (or Weaver)
28-29 Eyes of the Wyrm 3 75-76 Sense Gaia 2
30 Foot Pads 1 77-78 Sense the Unnatural 2
31 Frog Tongue 3 79 Shadowplay 4
32-33 Fungal Touch 4 80 Shapechange varies
Garou Gifts varies 81 Size 2/4/6
34 Gaseous Form 6 82 Skittersight 2
Hand from Beyond 4 83 Slither Skin 4
35-36 Hazardous Breath varies 84 Slobber Snot ?
37-38 Hell's Hide 2 per soak die 85-87 Spirit Ties 3
39-41 Hide of the Wyrm 1-5 88 Stomach Pumper 3
42 Homogenity 6 89 Succubi's Veil 6
43-45 Immunity varies 90 Tar Baby 3
46-50 Immunity to the Delirium 1 91-93 Toxic Secretions 2 per die
51-52 Infectious Touch 5 94-95 Venomous Bite 3
53 invisibility 5 96 Voice of the Wyrm 4
54 Lashing Tail 3 97 Wall Walking 4
55 Malleate 6 98 Water Breathing 2/5
56 Mega-Attribute varies 99 Webbing 5
57 Mind Blast 5 100 Wings 3/5
58 Mind Rape 6 *See the Power: Balefire Flux

Additional Merits & FlawsEdit

Aside from the usual Merits and Flaws, there are a few fomori-specific ones that may be useful to you:

Hidden PowerEdit

2 Point Merit
None of your Powers or Taints are physically obvious. You appear to be human (or whatever you were before becoming a fomor). If you have extra limbs or body barbs, they are retractable and hidden under a sheath of skin. You seem to be one of the crowd.


3 Point Merit
With your transformation, you have discovered a way into your dark spiritual side and are able to speak with the Bane part of yourself. When you speak with your bane, you appear to be talking animatedly to yourself. Your Bane whispers dark secrets to the tattered remains of your soul, and your soul withers a little more with each vile revelation. Your Storyteller will create the Bane, but will not reveal to you the extent of its knowledge or its secret powers. While your Bane will not guide you all the time, at moments of deep urgency, it may be able to provide you with clues or information about the Wyrm or Garou worlds which you would not otherwise know.

Pathetic AuraEdit

3 Point Merit
You are a truly needy person, or at least you appear to be so; anyone with an ounce of compassion will feel so sorry for you that they will become your protectors, friends, and patrons, and often remain so regardless of your behavior. These guardians will not die for you, but some may kill if the circumstances are right. This Trait does not equal an endless supply of Allies; your helpers will be purely mundane and will back off if the shit gets too thick. So long as you keep your obvious problems to tantrums, lies, and debts, however, you will probably be forgiven. Although some normal-seeming fomori have this Merit, badly deformed ones can muster enough sympathy to outweigh a multitude of sins.

Stigmata of the WyrmEdit

4 Point Merit
These are marks of the Urge Wyrms which sometimes commune with favored servants. To "win" one, a fomor must first understand the aspects of the Wyrm (which indicates some level of insanity to begin with), then contact her own inner corruption (to discover which aspect favors her), manifest that Urge in word, body, and deed, and often undergo some hideous ordeal of consecration.
Seeking the Wyrm within often requires a perverted visionquest; this usually involves breaking away from all friends (including other fomori), and indulging in some excess related to the vision your character seeks until some truth appears. These excesses can include killing sprees, near-fatal drug binges, wanton cruelty (brutalizing homeless folks, children, animals, etc.), prolonged depressions, psychotic episodes, mad orgies, and other deadly activities. At some point, a vision of the Urge Wyrm's Maeljin Incarna appears to the fortunate one and sends her through some excruciating test of loyalty; such ordeals are related to the Urge Wyrm involved--tests of greed, cruelty, deceit, etc. A fomor who survives these tests (many do not) receives the mark of favor.
Like the tests, stigmata marks relat to the Urge Wyrm the character serves: Pseulak, Lord of Lies, often gifts his chosen with forked tongues. Karnala, Desires Urge, has more attrictive marks, often hypnotically intriguing tattoos. Foebok gifts his followers with forever-open eyes, while Angu's mark consists of massive brands which never heal. The exact nature of the mark is left to the troupe's imagination, but it should reflect some appropriately deviant behavior.
Stigmata can be really useful in social situations with others who understand the mark: Black Spiral Dancers may revere the chosen (or may kill her anyway -- they are demented, after all!), and Pentex superiors and Wyrm-mystics will give her respect. Even mundanes who embrace the Urge Wyrm's principle will regard the chosen one with a measure of awe and reverence. Stigmata are usually good for one to three extra dice for Social rolls when dealing with the Wyrm-Tainted. Naturally, the character will stand out like a beacon to Sense Wyrm and other such Gifts, and must continue to serve the Urge Wyrm whenever possible.


5 Point Merit
A part of your soul still remains. The Bane has not fully possessed you, giving you hope of one day shaking off its hold. However, if this was discovered by your masters, you would either be killed or sent back for full possession. Where can you get help? Who can you turn to? You must tread very carefully--one wrong move and you will be destroyed.

True FaithEdit

7 Point Merit
The Bane within you has not been able to sever your faith. You can purchase the Numina: True Faith at normal cost. However you are a being at war with itself. The Bane within you will try to thwart the miracles which your faith may bring forth. Indeed, your faith may even endanger you: if you attempt to exorcise an evil spirit, a botch may wrench the Bane from you instead. You will be cured of taint, but you will also be dead from the trauma to your corrupted soul. The Storyteller has full control of the use of True Faith by fomori.


1 Point Flaw
You find it more difficult to hide your Wyrm nature than others. In fact, if you have any unusual markings, such as a tail or body barbs, you cannot hide them. People run in fear from you due to your hideous appearance. This makes it very easy for Garou to distinguish you, and thus you are forced to move more covertly. This is a very common Flaw for fomori. More rare is the Merit: Hidden Power.

Scary PresenceEdit

2 Point Flaw
The Wyrm rides you always; no matter how you act or appear, you're curse to frighten people by your very presence. This Flaw has no physical manifestation--you scare folks simply by existing. Mundane humans will avoid you however they can, and may become violent if pressed. Even other fomori will sense the taint that infects your soul: they may not flee, but you won't be popular, either. Loneliness is your lot forever.


Note: Most of these Powers require the Fomor to spend a point of Willpower. However, if the fomor has Gnosis (Power: Spirit Ties), he may elect to spend Gnosis points instead. Also at the Storyteller's discretion, fomori with Rage (Power: Berserker) may spend Rage points to activate certain physical powers, such as Shapeshift or Hazardous Breath.

Animal ControlEdit

2 Points
Animal Control gives the user the ability to summon and control animals who are within range at the time the Power is used. If an animal is within the vicinity, it can be made to perform one specific task. The task must be something that the animal can normally do. Dogs might bite, rats might follow a target for a few blocks, so long as the rats are able to remain hidden, and cats might jump on someone's back or wind around his legs to trip him up. However, birds will not take messages back and forth like carrier pigeons, and deer won't perform strange dances in front of people to distract them. Common sense should dictate what is reasonable.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower and rolls Manipulation+Animal Ken (difficulty 6). If successful, he can cause one animal per success anywhere within 120 yards of him to do as he bids. The effect lasts for one scene.

Balefire FluxEdit

7 Points
Whenever the fomor is exposed to Balefire, the radioactive excretions of the Wyrm, he may undergo a transformation, gaining a new Power.
System: After the fomor undergoes five turns of successive exposure to Balefire, roll the fomor's Stamina (difficulty 9). At the Storyteller's option, particularly extreme exposure to Balefire may lower the difficulty of the Stamina roll. If successful, the fomor gains a new power, chosen randomly (see below). This new "gift" from the Wyrm is instant: the character immediately undergoes a painful transformation for three turns, during which she can take no actions, not even to defend herself. Afterwards, her new Power will display herself (such as a new arm growing from her side, if she gained an Extra Limb). If the roll is a botch, the character gains a new Taint instead, also chosen randomly (see the Taint: Balefire Curse).
This power does not make the fomor immune to Balefire; unless she purchases Immunity (see below), she will suffer any normal damage from the toxin.
Random Powers: Refer to the chart above. Each Power has a number listed by it on a range of 1-100. Roll percentile dice (+roll 1d100) to determine which Power is chosen.


3 Points
The fomor has been "gifted" with Rage--the renowned anger of the werewolf.
System: The fomor begins the game with three Rage points which he can use just like any Garou. However the fomor is also susceptible to frenzy. He may purchase extra Rage points with freebie points (cost: 1 per point).

Body BarbsEdit

2-10 Points
The fomor has sharp, bladelike bone growths on his wrists, elbows, knees, or feet. The barbs' size, shape, number and placement vary from fomor to fomor.
System: The fomor may add one to five extra dice to his brawl damage (one die per two points spent on this Power, maximum 10). The damage is aggravated. The fomor must state where his barbs are located and state that he is attacking with them before rolling his attack dice.

Body ExpansionEdit

2 Points
The fomor can grow very large--up to three times normal height. While expanded, she can take giant steps, covering a great deal of ground, and grab human-sized opponents in her fist.
There are a few disadvantages to the expansion: Fomori may bump their heads on doorframes and have to bend over in low-ceilinged rooms. Their internal organs do not expand with them, and they can become light-headed from lack of oxygen and too little blood in their veins. Finally, giant-sized people usually have very brittle bones; the fomor may shatter her delicate bones without realizing it until she returns to normal size.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower and rolls Strength+Athletics (difficulty 6). Hand-to-hand attacks from the expanded fomor inflict Strength+4 damage; the fomor can crush things for the same amount of damage by sitting on them. The fomor may also add 10 yards to her running speed per turn. If the fomor botches a soak roll, her brittle bones break, causing one Health Level of damage.

Brain EatingEdit

6 Points
This potent Power literally allows the fomor to "chew up" a victim's mind, reducing a targeted Mental Attribute by one dot permanently and absorbing it as one point for their own experience point pool. This does no actual damage to the target's brain, and is thus undetectable by scientific means.
System: The fomor spends on Willpower and rolls Intelligence+Occult (difficulty 6). The target may resist this with her Willpower (difficulty 6). The fomor must touch this target for this power to be effective.
Example: The fomor touches a foe and targets her Intelligence. If successful, the victim loses one dot of Intelligence and the fomor adds one point to his experience point total. He may then use that point to buy anything he could normally purchase with one point of experience, or he may save it and add it to other points. This Power may only be attempted against a single target once per scene.

Cause InsanityEdit

2 Points per Die
The fomor can twist the minds of others, dragging them away from the solid roads of sanity and into the rotting, fevered jungles of madness. The means to cause insanity varies according to the fomor's personal twisted preferences. Some fomori open Umbral windows in the target's mind overlooking Hellholes, allowing unsuspecting victims to view the horrors within. Others revel in performances involving crazy gibbering and insidious conversation to eat away at sanity, while still others graphically transform their bodies into monstrous horrors.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls one die for every two Power points spent for this Power: the difficulty is the target's Willpower. The target must be in line of sight of the fomor. At the Storyteller's discretion, the fomor may have to relate to the target first in someway, whether through conversation ("Hey, got a match?") or combat.
The length and severity of the madness depends on the number of successes rolled: one or two might inflict a minor phobia, while five or more could ring into a full-blown freak-out. Such insanity can be cured with patient psychotherapy.

Chameleon ColorationEdit

The fomor can change color, blending in with her surroundings. It takes one turn to use this Power. Shifting hues within a single color (red, brown, etc.) costs two points, and changing to fit any color background costs four points.
A variation on this Power, Shadowwalking, lets the character darken her skin to blend into surrounding shadows. Shadowwalking costs three points.
System: Changing color does not require a roll. People trying to see the character, however, must roll Wits+Alertness (difficulty 7) to see her.

Claws, Fangs, or HornsEdit

3/5/7 Points
With this natural weaponry, the fomor may bite, gore, or slash his opponents if he is so inclined. These appendages may be cybernetic implants, custom-built weapons or real fangs and claws, but they are not generally removable without injury (though they could be sheathed). These attacks inflict aggravated damage. For three points, the character may have one type of attack; for five points, two. Seven points will buy all three.
System: The fomor must roll Dexterity+Brawl to bite, claw, or gore:
Maneuver Difficulty Damage
Bite 5 Strength+1
Claw 6 Strength+2
Gore 7 Strength+2
Strength+4 if the character has just moved 10 yds or more.

Corrupted VisionsEdit

4 Points
"I had to do it! God told me to!" By utilizing this gift of corruption, a fomor induces hallucinations in some helpless victim. Voices from God, fleeting glimpses of something just out of sight, scoldings, mockery and other paranoiac favorites are only a few of the possibilities. Although this Power works best when the fomor looks normal enough to pass for human, an especially deformed one can use it while hiding. Knowing your victim helps when using Corrupted Visions; a rational person would be suspicious if Jesus suddenly told her to go on a killing spree, while someone who was already disturbed might think it was a perfectly good idea. Of course, a seemingly-rational person could be driven crazy by subtle, well-chosen visions. After that, anything goes...
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Manipulation+Subterfuge (difficulty 8). Each success allows him to torment his target for one turn. The potency of the visions also depends on the successes rolled--one success could conjure whispers or fleeting glimpses, while five successes might allow for a full-blown manifestation of God in the clouds. This can be used as often as the fomor desires; range is line of sight. These visions have no substance whatsoever, and can only be seen by one victim at a time. A target who's aware that someone is messing with her can resist the effects with a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). A well-chosen hallucination (a whisper behind the target's back) might raise this difficulty by 1 or 2, while one that's hard to swallow (Mother Theresa with bloody hands) might reduce it the same way.


2 Points
The fomor can see in the dark. This power comes from an innate affinity with darkness, and it works in even the darkest of situations, where not even a sliver of light is present.
System: No roll is required. However, if the fomor is surprised by an extremely bright light, he will be blinded by one turn for every dot he has in Perception.


7 Points
The fomor can hide the spiritual evidence of his Wyrm taint from others. The Gift: Sense Wyrm will not detect the fomor as Wyrm-tainted. The fomor can also use this power on others, to cover their stain. For instance, the fomor can hide the evidence of a vampire's diablerie or even change a normal Garou's aura so that she appears to be Wyrm-tainted when in fact she is not.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits+Subterfuge (difficulty 7). The effect lasts for one scene. When using this Power on others, the fomor must first touch the target.

Ectoplasmic ExtrusionEdit

3 Points
The fomor can create up to four ectoplasmic tentacles or arms which can be used to independently reach out and grasp objects, hit things, or envelop targets and smother them. Their reach is five yards.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina+Occult (difficulty 6) to create the tentacles. The fomor adds three to her Strength for lifting purposes only. To attack with the tentacles in combat, the fomor rolls Dexterity+Brawl (difficulty 8); the tentacles inflict Strength+2 damage.


3 Points
The fomor can become any living creature's ideal mate, by scanning their target's mind.
System: The fomor rolls Charisma+Empathy (difficulty of the target's Rage or 6, whichever is higher). Success means that he has become the target's ideal mate in physical appearance. If the roll fails, he simply appears as an attractive individual. If the roll is a botch, the target will feel uncomfortable in the fomor's presence, sensing that the fomor desperately wants to be liked and needed.


2 Points
The fomor has a hard carapace-like growth all over her body. It is usually very bonelike, with many gnarls, veinlike tubes, and odd shapes upon it. Its coloration ranges from a rusty red and dark brown to oily black (unless of course the Merit: Hidden Power is purchased, in which case the exoskeleton is internal, coating her bones beneath the flesh).
System: The fomor adds one die both to her Strength and her Stamina.

Extra LimbsEdit

3 points per Limb
Fomori often have a number of extra limbs, usually in the form of tentacles or masses of tendrils. Such extra limbs often sprout from awkward places: for example, an extra arm growing from a fomor's thigh. Such a limb comes in awfully "handy" at times. This Power might allow the fomor an additional melee attack each turn (by splitting his Dice Pools), in addition to that extra hand to juggle the groceries, keys and wallet! Of course, the fomor does look a bit unusual and may have to hide his appearance from the easily startled humans that surround him. This Power can be purchased more than once, but costs 3 points for each new limb.
System: The fomor must declare how many new limbs he has and what kind. He can use these to attack, although he must either split his Dice Pool, or have a Power which allows extra attacks (such as Berserker or Extra Speed).

Extra SpeedEdit

3/6 Points
The fomor can outmaneuver a normal human.
System: For every 3 point (up to a maximum of 6), the fomor may take one extra action per turn without splitting her dice pool. When moving, this allows the character to multiply a normal human's speed by 1.5 for each three points spent.
Movement Normal Human 3 Points 6 Points
Walk 7 yds/turn 11 14
Jog 13 yds/turn 20 26
Run 20 yds/turn 30 40

Eyes of the WyrmEdit

3 Points
The eyes of the fomor are weird and can actually dilate, revealing images of the Wyrm's damnation.
System: An opponent who gazes into the fomor's eyes must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or be frozen in horror (for five turns minus Wits rating; minimum one turn). The fomor itself cannot attack its victim, but its friends can.

Foot PadsEdit

1 Points
The fomor has pads on the bottom of his feet, allowing him to move quietly.
System: The fomor subtracts two from all Stealth rolls involving moving quietly.

Frog TongueEdit

3 Points
The fomor can elongate her tongue and make it stick to surfaces. She can flick it out (to a distance of two yards) and use it to grasp things or inflict damage. However, the tongue can make the fomor's speech difficult to understand, and give its owner a taste for insects.
System: The fomor rolls Dexterity+Athletics to attack targets up to two yards away with the tongue. She can use grappling maneuvers with the tongue; damage is equal to Strength. The fomor can pull grabbed targets to her with a +2 bonus to her Strength dice pool.

Fungal TouchEdit

4 Points
The inside of the fomor's body has been replaced by a foul-smelling fungoid substance. The fomor may infect an opponent by touching him.
System: The fomor must touch a target to infect him. The victim must make a Stamina roll (difficulty 7) or begin losing one point from all Physical attributes, as well as Appearance, per day (as the fungus slowly covers him...). The infection may only be cured by supernatural means (such as the Gift: Resist Toxin or a healing fetish). Also, for two extra points, the fomor exudes the fungoid mucus over its body, causing all who attack in melee to subtract two from their dice pools because of the revolting stench.

Garou GiftsEdit

Some fomori Powers so directly mimic a Garou Gift that the player can purchase that Gift instead of creating a Power for it. In general, that Gift costs one Power point per level of the Gift +1.

Gaseous FormEdit

6 Points
The fomor is able to reduce her body into a gaseous state, taking only one turn to make the transformation. She can then glide through the air at her walking speed. While in gaseous form, she cannot be harmed by kinetic attacks (fist, swords, etc), but electricity, fire, and radiation will still affect her. Also most mental and mystical attacks will still affect her (except those involving eye contact; Storyteller's discretion). The gaseous form holds together well even in a strong wind, although the Gift: Cutting Wind will still harm her. There is usually a horrible stench in this form.
System: The fomor must spend a point of Willpower to become gaseous, and another to become solid again.

Hand from BeyondEdit

4 Points
The fomor must have the Power: Umbral passage. he fomor can enter the Umbra (using Umbral Passage) and then reach back into the material world to pull others into the spirit world with him. He can pull more than one person, as long as all the targets are holding hands.
System: The fomor must first enter the Umbra. He then spends one Gnosis point and pulls in one or more willing targets (the targets must hold hands); he may bring in one person for every permanent Gnosis point he possesses. If the target is unwilling, the fomor must make a resisted Gnosis roll against the target's Willpowr (both at difficulty 6).

Hazardous BreathEdit

The fomor can blast out some kind of dangerous substance on command--fire, bullets, poison gas, acidic spittle, etc. The attack need not really be a breath weapon; any sort of long-range hazard will do.
System: For every two points spent, the character inflicts one Health level of damage with a successful Dexterity+Brawl roll (difficulty 7). The exact specifications of the attack depend on its nature. A blast of flame will have a quicker effect than a gout of deadly goo.
For an extra three points, the damage can be caustic, inflicting an additional Health level per damage level until the stuff is washed off or the target dies. Napalm, caustic glop, gas and toxic waste are good examples of this kind of hazard. Either can be soaked. Breath weapons usually cause normal damage unless the target is vulnerable to that attack (vampires and fire, for example). For one point more, the damage is aggravated.
Under most circumstances, this weapon can be used once per scene for every point of Stamina the character possesses. Range is up to the Storyteller and will vary from attack to attack (lightning bolts will carry further than acidic drool). If the hazard could potentially hurt more than one target at a time, assume that each success above the first allows an additional victim to be hurt if he is within range of the attack (roughly two yards or less from the initial target).

Hell's HideEdit

2 per Soak Die
This power provides the fomor with a protective armor effective against heat, fire, or radiation damage. The fomor's skin has a slightly red tinge.
System: The fomor gains one soak die for every two points spent on this power. These soak dice may only be used against heat or fire-related attacks, or against radiation (which is normally non-soakable).

Hide of the WyrmEdit

1-5 Points
The fomor has a rough hide that is very hard and leathery. Some have huge knots, scales, lumps, and other disgusting features to accompany the protection.
System: The fomor adds one to her soak dice for every point spent (maximum 5).


6 Points
The fomor can cancel the powers of other supernaturals around her.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Manipulation+Intimidation (difficulty 7). Any supernatural within 5 yards of the fomor will be affected. Vampires may not use their Disciplines, Garou cannot use their Gifts, mages cannot use Spheres, etc. Targets may resist with Willpower rolls (difficulty 7).


The fomor can ignore the effects of some kinds of potentially dangerous things. Each kind of resistance must be bought separately; thus, becoming immune to everything is expensive.
Cost Immunity
1 One minor nuisance (poison ivy, common cold or flu, minor temperature changes)
3 One major threat (diseases, temperature extremes, hunger)
6 One terminal effect (Balefire, poisons, toxins, electricity, fire)
Example: Maxon is immune to fire and cannot catch the common cold. This costs 7 points (6 for fire immunity, and 1 for the common cold). However, if he had bought immunity to diseases (3 points), he wouldn't have had to buy specific immunity to the common cold.

Immunity to the DeliriumEdit

1 Point
Most fomori are immune to the Delirium. The Wyrm-taint has erased the Veil along with their humanity. Not all fomori are thus immune, and the degree of immunity seems to depend on the amount of Wyrm-taint possessed. Pentex injects its fomori with a special serum that destroys the part of the brain susceptible to the Delirium.
System: The fomor may ignore the deleterious effects of witnessing a Garou in Crinos form.

Infectious TouchEdit

5 Points
The fomor is able to cause fever and sickness by her touch.
System:The fomor spends one Willpower point, makes flesh-to-flesh contact with the victim, and makes a Stamina+Medicine roll (difficulty 7). The victim can resist the infection by making a Stamina roll (difficulty 7). For each success the fomor scores over the victim will take one Health Level of aggravated damage. This damage heals at the rate of one per week, during which time the victim feels miserable.


5 Points
This Power renders the fomor invisible to all means of detection. As long as he initiates no attacks, his body and aura are hidden from all forms of detection except the Gift: Sense Wyrm (although this Gift will not pinpoint his exact location, only his Wyrm-corrupted presence). Once he initiates an attack, he immediately becomes visible.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits + Stealth (difficulty 7). Anyone who is specifically searching for someone hidden may make a Perception + Vigilance roll (difficulty 8), resisted by the fomor's invisibility successes. This effect lasts for one scene, or until the fomor enters combat.

Lashing TailEdit

3 Points
This is similar to an extra limb, but it cannot be used for precision work. (This Power can be combined with Venomous Bite to create a deadly, scorpion-like stinger on the end of the tail.)
System: The fomor rolls Dexterity + Brawl (difficulty 7). The tail inflicts Strength + 2 damage.


6 Points
The fomor can secrete a venom which turns the victim's body into a malleable mass. It can be stretched like taffy, kneaded like dough, or molded like clay. The pathetic flappings and indecipherable mewlings of a once-proud Garou, as he begs for a fast death, is a sad sight indeed. Malleate only affects living tissue.
System: The fomor must inflict damage onto the target with a natural piercing attack (fangs, stinger, etc.) and spend one Willpower point. If the fomor has no such natural weaponry, his bite will do Strength -1 damage (difficulty 5). Each turn after being bitten, the victim will suffer one Health Level of aggravated damage which may not be soaked. This venom works its way into his system for one turn per point of damage the fomor initially inflicted (the amount rolled, not the number of Health Levels actually inflicted after the victim's soak). With the first level of damage caused by the venom, the victim's body becomes highly malleable. If the victim reaches Incapacitated, he may still move ubut he has no fine motor control. Once all Health Levels inflicted by the venom heal, the victim returns to normal. The Gift: Resist Toxin, Gift: Doppleganger and Gift: Adaptation allow Garou to resist this Power.


The Wyrm has granted the fomor inhuman enhancements to his natural capabilities.
System: For every 3 Power points spent, the fomor may either add one dot to any one Attribute (may go over 5, maximum 8) or add one Health Level to the character's total (maximum three extra).
These effects are permanent; no roll is required. However it is sometimes hard for the mega-altered fomor to hide his Powers: if he has Mega-Strength, he may have bulging, superhero-style muscles; if he has Mega-Intelligence, his head may be larger, or he becomes colder, less emotional; if he has Mega-Charisma, he just can't stop smiling; etc.

Mind BlastEdit

5 Points
The fomor sends a mental blast of energy into a target's mind, immobilizing him with pain.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Wits + Intimidation (difficulty 6). The target can resist with a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). The fomor can affect any one target within his line of sight. The victim may take no actions for one turn per success.

Mind RapeEdit

6 Points
The fomor can wrest hidden thoughts from a target's mind. This is incredibly invasive mind-reading.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Intelligence + Intimidation (difficulty 6). The target can resist with a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). If the fomor is successful, he may read the target's mind, gleaning even the most hidden thoughts.
Successes Effect
1 The target's surface thoughts may be read (current emotions, thoughts).
2 The target's deep thoughts may be read (recent memories).
3 Anything the target thinks or remembers may be rad.

Molecular WeakeningEdit

4 Points
The fomor can tear apart the bonds which hold things together. This can be combined with hand-to-hand or ranged attacks.
System: The fomor must first successfully hit the target with her desired attack. He then spends one Willpower point and rolls Perception + Medicine if the target is organic, or Perception + Repair if the target is inorganic (difficulty 8 for both). If successful with his second roll, the damage on the target is doubled (before soak).

Mouth of the WyrmEdit

4 Points
This Power allows the fomor to swallow objects as large as a medium-sized dog or a small person. Of course, the object must be within the grasp of the fomor. If the creature serving as lunch is not dead when swallowed, it may suffocate if it cannot somehow get out. The fomor will digest the creature as food. All undigestible parts (bones, shoes, glasses, etc.) will be eliminated normally.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Athletics to devour the target. If the target is still alive, he is treated as suffocating (see pp. 197-198 in the Werewolf rulebook). If he has natural weaponry, he may try to cut himself free. All attacks are at difficulty 7; the fomor may soak as normal, but if he loses half his Health Levels from such an attack, then the target has cut a hole in his stomach big enough to crawl through.

Nightmare CommandEdit

3 Points
This subtle Power affects sleeping victims only; the fomor twists her target's dreams into night terrors. This requires some familiarity with the target--it's hard to get that far into a stranger's head--and a fair amount of time. Once successful, however, Nightmare Command can drive someone from sleeplessness to madness in a few short weeks. Lovers, children or parents and roommates are common victims--and perpetrators--of this obscene art.
The fomor must remain perfectly still and reach into her victim's subconscious to pervert his dreams. If she's interrupted, the Power fails. Once she's in the target's dreams, she can cause whatever mental havoc suits her fancy; like Corrupted Visions, this is most effective when she knows which buttons to push. This Power is not, however, without its cost: each night's use leaves the fomor tired and haggard the next day. While this means little in game terms, going on for too long without a good sleep will affect anyone's mind. Long-term Nightmare Command often turns into an endurance battle between the fomor and her subject.
System: The fomor rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty 7). Each success creates a more vivid nightmare: one success might merely twist a dream down an unpleasant path, three would bring a full-blown nightmare, and five would virtually trap the sleeper in a recursive loop of horrors. Only one roll can be made per night. The victim must make a Willpower roll to awaken from the twisted dream. The difficulty for this roll is 5 +1 for every success the fomor rolls. A three-success nightmare, then, would demand a roll against difficulty 8; like the Power itself, this Willpower escape can be rolled only once per night, unless some third part interrupts the dream.
Each uninterrupted week of nightmares reduces the target's Willpower rating by one. If he reaches zero Willpower, he goes insane, and will stay that way until he receives some kind of treatment--extended therapy or Gift-healing (see below)--or until his Willpower "heals" back (which takes one week per point, possibly longer if the fomor really did a number on him).
The Gifts Gift: Calm, Gift: Fabric of the Mind, Gift: Head Games, Gift: Mindspeak, or Gift: Ultimate Argument of Logic may all heal this Power's effect in days or even hours; Fabric of the Mind and Mindspeak, however, force the Garou to go into the victim's dreams and combat the horrors herin before he can heal. Spirit and physical healings do no good--the damage is within the subject's mind, not his body or soul.


2 Points
The fomor is especially nimble and can easily keep her balance while performing feats which would cause another person to tumble.
System: The fomor adds two dice to all rolls associated with jumping, climbing, and balance.

Noxious BreathEdit

2 Points
The fomor can release poisonous fumes into the air which make those within twenty yards crave cigarettes. The fumes look and smell like cigarette smoke. In addition, the gas weakens the lung tissue of those who breathe it. Repeated exposure to the noxious breath over several weeks or months leads to the development of lung cancer in victims.
System: The fomor rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 6). If successful, the fumes will cover 20 yards around the fomor. Anyone within that range must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) or get an irresistible urge for a cigarette (this affects even nonsmokers). Those who botch their Willpower roll suffer one Health Level of damage to their lungs. This damage cannot be soaked and is considered aggravated.


3 Points
The fomor's body can become completely numb. She feels no pain. However she is numb to all sensation. She cannot talk properly (her tongue feels permanently anesthetized) and she may cut herself and feel nothing, which may result in infected or gangrenous wounds the fomor is unaware of. Many fomor with this power end up missing toes, fingers, and other small body parts they have damaged, then neglected.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Medicine (difficulty 6). The effect lasts for one scene. The fomor suffers no wound penalties from Health Level losses and has three extra Health Levels. However, when this power wears off, the extra Health Levels disappear. If the fomor is below incapacitated, she dies.

Phoenix FireEdit

5 Points
The fomor can self-immolate, becoming a walking bonfire. The flames do no damage to the fomor, but will ignite any flammable item they touch (exploding ammo, anyone?), and may also set fire to any building the fomor is inside.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty 7). The flames are considered a raging chemical fire (three Health Levels of damage; difficulty 9 to soak). The effect lasts one turn per success.

Plasmic FormEdit

6 Points
This is similar to Gaseous Form, but instead it allows the fomor to turn into a thick reddish-brown liquid, which can move about of its own free will. The plasmic fomor can flow into extremely tight spaces (as the Power: Rat Head; see below). Also, most mental and mystical attacks will affect him (except those involving eye contact; Storyteller's discretion).
System: The fomor must spend a point of Willpower to become liquid and spend another point to become solid again.

Poison TumorsEdit

3 Points
The fomor is covered in tumors filled with a noxious pus -- whenever the fomor is hit with a claw (or other sharp weapon), the attacker is splattered with pus.
System: When the fomor is hit with a claw, the attacker must immediately attempt to soak three dice of aggravated damage as pus splatters over him. If the attacker bites the fomor, he must soak five dice. If the fomor is hit with a melee weapon, the attacker must make a Dexterity roll (difficulty 6) to avoid the flying pus, or take damage as above. Firearms are, of course, safe.


4 Points
The fomor can transmit a Bane through blood and semen -- any encounter involving bodily fluids can spread the Bane. The Bane will then attempt to possess the recipient of the fluids. The fomor may only pass on a Bane similar to the one which possessed him (a Son of Typhon may only pass on one of Typhon's Brood; a fomori family member may only pass on the family Bane).
System: The fomor must spend a point of Willpower at the moment bodily fluids are passed to a recipient. The Bane will then begin the process of possession (as per Charm: Possession.)

Prolonged LifeEdit

4 Points
The fomor's natural life span is greatly prolonged. This is not true immortality, since the fomor will die of natural causes eventually (natural death amongst fomori is practically unknown). This Power has a price: the fomor has the Taint: Addiction (monthly cycle; see below).
System: No roll required; the fomor has extended life as long as he regularly assuages his given addiction at least once a month.

Rat HeadEdit

4 Points
This Power is named for the rat's ability to squeeze through holes much smaller than its body size. The fomor can wriggle through holes as small as 1/20th of his former circumference. A human-sized fomor can thus squeeze through holes smaller than a quarter.
System: The fomor rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6). The effect lasts for one "slide" (until the fomor reaches an area wider than its original size). The fomor must wiggle like a snake in order to propel itself forward. A failed roll means that the fomor is stuck. It may make further rolls to dislodge itself but the difficulty for each additional attempt is increased by one (the Power: Slobber Snot reduces the difficulty by three). The fomor may slide at one half his normal running speed.


5 Points
The fomor recovers from normal, non-aggravated damage in the same fashion as Garou. Aggravated damage, from fire or fetish weapons, cannot be regenerated (it is healed at the rate of one Health Level per day). The metabolic alterations necessary for nearly instantaneous recovery from even mortal wounds take their toll on the "human" system, however, and fomori who possess this Power usually die from cancer before their late 30s.
System:No roll is required. This Power mimics the Garou's regenration ability. The fomor who wishes to regenerate in the same turn he engages in combat must roll Stamina (difficulty 6), or spend a Rage point if he has the Power: Berserker.

Roar of the WyrmEdit

4 Points
The fomor is able to strike terror into the hearts of all near her by issuing this guttural scream.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Charisma + Intimidation (difficulty 6). All who hear must make a resisted Willpower roll (difficulty 6) or run as fast and far as they can to get away from the fomor.

Savage GenitaliaEdit

2 Points
John Bobbit's nightmare; the fomor (regardless of gender) has genitals with some menacing feature. Male variations include excessive length (14"+) or hardness, thorns, sandpaper texture or curved barbs; female versions are infamous for teeth, ripping suction and internal meat grinders. This is obviously no good in combat, but devastating in bed.
Using this Power requires sexual contact; after that the target is at the fomor's mercy. A determined fomor can even kill his victim with prolonged intercourse. By combining Savage Genitalia with Toxic Secretions, Worms, or Inner Volcano, some truly hideous torments may be devised; incorporating Extra Limbs into this Power can duplicate some of the weirder perversions of hard-core Japanese anime, like vaginal tentacles or gun-wielding phalli.
System: No roll required; sexually engaged victims receive one non-soakable Health Level of damage per turn. The "special features" are not usually evident until it's too late, and getting away without permanent damage is difficult--the fomor must often be knocked unconscious, and even that may not be enough. While Garou may generate this damage, normal people will have some ... problems adjusting. Even a werewolf is liable to carry emotional scars from such injuries after the physical damage fades.

Scent of the Wyld (or Weaver)Edit

5 Points
The fomor is able to mask his Wyrm nature by wrapping himself strongly in the aura of either the Wyld or the Weaver (the Power must be bought twice to do both). This Power doesn't eliminate the Wyrm taint, only overpowers it. Garou may still sense the Wyrm taint with the Gift: Sense Wyrm, but the difficulty is 10. Some Garou tribes are more difficult to fool with this Power than others. Glass Walkers may Sense Wyrm on fomori with Scent of the Weaver at their regular difficulty. Red Talons can automatically see through Scent of the Wyld.
System: The fomor rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty 6). The effect lasts for one scene. If he botches, he is unaware that this Power is ineffective, and may place himself in danger believing he is safe.

Sense GaiaEdit

2 Points
The fomor can sense manifestations of Gaia in the nearby area. This Power requires active concentration.
System: The fomor rolls Perception + Occult. The difficulty is based on the strength and concentration of the "Gaia stench."Sensing an average werewolf would have a difficulty of 6. The range is 20 yards.

Sense The UnnaturalEdit

2 Points
Similar to the Garou Gift of the same name, this Power allows the fomor to smell any supernatural being present, such as vampires, werewolves, mages, wraiths, and other spirits. (The Ragabash Gift: Scent of Running Water negates this Power.)
System: The fomor rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 6). An additional roll of Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 6) may be required to determine what kind of supernatural creature has been scented. The range is 20 yards.


4 Points
The fomor can manipulate the shadows about him, and pull them together into a globe. Most people will be unable to see through this dense shadow. Minor use of this Power can add to the fomori's Stealth rolls, as well as Intimidation. The fomor is always able to see in his own shadows.
System: The fomor rolls Wits + Stealth (difficulty 6). The effect lasts for one turn per success, unless a Willpower point is spent; in which case, the effect lasts for one scene. The total radius that can be manipulated is 15 yards.


The fomor is able to transform his body into the shape of a something else, such as an animal, or even another person. These new shapes are always a corrupted version of the natural animal or person: mangy, misshapen, and Wyrm-maddened.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 6). Transformation usually takes one turn, although the nature of the change may dictate a slower or quicker shift. The fomor can shift back into his "natural" form at will. Any clothing, equipment or weapons should be discarded first unless the new form could carry them as well.
This Power only grants the ability to change shape. Any non-human characteristics of the new form must be purchased with the appropriate Advantages. If the fomor were to shift from human form into a white falcon, he would also have to purchase Wings, Claws, and reduced Size, regardless of which form was his real one.
Cost Forms
3 The fomor has one alternate form.
5 The fomor can transform into anything within a certain group (people, fish, cats, mythic beasts, mind-shattering horrors, etc).
7 The fomor can change into anything if he has enough Advantages that apply.


2/4/6 Points
This Power is a permanent alteration in the fomor's size; he may not shift back to normal proportions (unless he has a Power which allows him to do so, such as Shapeshift).
System: Each size level adds or subtracts one Health Level to the amount of damage the character can withstand (note that a rat with four Health Levels is still a pretty tough rat!) and gives or takes one additional point of either Strength or Stamina. Although it seems like larger characters come off better than smaller ones at first glance, consider what inconveniences a massive being has when hiding, getting into cramped places, and evading attacks. Companions with two levels of size either add or subtract one from their opponents' difficulties to hit them or spot them; ones with three add or subtract two.
Cost Effect
2 A bit larger (pony, lion) or smaller (mastiff, cheetah) than human.
4 A lot larger (horse, tiger, boa) or smaller (poodle, housecat, barracuda) than human.
6 Considerably larger (rhino, great white shark, small tree) or smaller (mouse, goshawk, sea urchin) than human.


2 Points
This weird Power allows the fomor to pull out her eyes, twist the optic nerves into feet, and send the eyes scurrying down hallways and around corners in order to see things normally obscured. She'll have to be careful--if the eyes get squashed, she'll be forever blinded. (Fomori with Regeneration will grown new eyes in one month.)
System: Pulling out your own eyes requires a Willpower roll (difficulty 8; 7 for frequent users). This does no damage, but hurts like hell. After that, the eyes may run up to a block away under their own Power, and anything they see will "appear" within the fomor's brain as if her eyes were still attached; this may be coupled with Darksight for extrasensory Powers. The eyes can stay separated from their body for up to an hour; after that they decay completely within another two hours. Any damage the eyes sustain while skittering around will impair (or disable) the fomor's normal eyesight.

Slither SkinEdit

4 Points
The skin of the fomor is a weapon and a useful helper. The fomor can shed her skin, giving it certain simple instructions (no more than five words). The skin detaches at the rectum and peels off over the fomor's head. It can walk, grab things, or attack. If the fomor specifies that additional Powers (such as Body Barbs) are lodged in her skin, she has to pay for them. The fomor can live without her skin but has one less Health Level. Her ghastly appearance will horrify all who see her, as she is a living anatomy lesson. The skin, meanwhile, stalks along like a hollow person without bones or eyes, chasing horrified victims into the arms of its skinless master. The Wyrm's use of such fomori in Ireland gave rise to tales of Nuckulavee the Skinless, while attacks on the Nodes in Haiti are remembered by the Wyrm-worshipping Cochons Sans Poil, a sect of Bata'a barabbi mages.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6). The effect lasts for one scene, at which time the skin must return to the fomor or disintegrate. The skin's Physical Attributes are all one dot each and it has one Health Level. The skin can walk any distance away from the fomor. If the skin is destroyed, the fomor will grow another one after one month.

Slobber SnotEdit

3 Points
The fomor's skin is covered with small warts which excrete an extremely slick and runny slime. This slime renders the fomor's body virtually frictionless, making it almost impossible for opponents to grasp the fomor. The slimy gel also helps the fomor to squeeze through tight spaces. Slobber Snot dissolves almost instantly in direct sunlight. Most fomori who take this power are highly vulnerable to the Crusties (see Taints).
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point. The effect lasts for one scene. During this time, opponent's difficulties to grapple or grab the fomor suffer a penalty of 3. In addition, the fomor adds one to her soak dice against blunt weapons (clubs, fists, etc.). Opponents trying to track a fomor with Slobber Snot subtract three from their difficulties, due to the distinctive smell.

Spirit TiesEdit

3 Points
The fomor has an innate connection to the spirit world which allows him a Gnosis score.
System: The fomor begins the game with one Gnosis point which he can use and regain just like any Garou. He may purchase extra Gnosis points with freebie points (cost: 2 per point).

Stomach PumperEdit

3 Points
The fomor is able to vomit forth all he has recently eaten covered in acidic slimy stomach juices. A single blast can cover a single foe.
System: The fomor rolls Stamina + Brawl (difficulty 7). The blast inflicts only two dice of damage, but the victim must expend a point of Willpower to keep from stopping whatever he is doing and start gagging. Only three such blasts may be performed between complete meals.

Succubi's VeilEdit

6 Points
The ultimate Power of enticement. The fomor can enthrall targets, causing them to want nothing more than to be near him.
System: The fomor spends one Willpower point and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty of the target's Willpower). If the roll succeeds, the target will be enthralled, wanting nothing but to be with the fomor whenever possible. If the roll fails, the target will still find the fomor attractive, but will not be enchanted by his beauty. If the roll is a botch, the target knows that there is something decidedly wrong with the fomor, something very dangerous about associating with the creature. For every scene in which the fomor is around his targets, he can attempt his roll again; if more than 10 cumulative successes are achieved, the target will be fanatically mesmerized by the fomor, and will desire to serve and protect the fomor at any cost.

Tar BabyEdit

3 Points
The fomor's skin is made of a thick, sticky substance like molasses or tar. Anything that comes into forceful contact with the skin will stick to it lik a fly on flypaper--this includes Garou or others who try to grapple, punch, claw, or kick the fomor. Objects such as clothing that are slid slowly past the skin will not stick; only forceful contact activates the tackiness.
System: Anyone attacking the fomor in brawling combat gets stuck to the fomor. Treat this as if the fomor successfully grappled the opponent. The opponent may not use whatever limb is stuck to the fomor; he must make a resisted Strength foll versus the fomor's Stamina +3 to escape. If the fomor is hit by a melee weapon, he may make a resisted Strength roll versus the user's Strength to wrest the now-stuck weapon from the opponent's hands.

Toxic SecretionsEdit

2 Points per Die
This Power turns the fomor's bodily fluids into toxic waste.
System: As promised above, the fomor's blood, spit, sweat, ejaculate and other fluids inflict damage on anyone coming into contact with them; a Garou biting or clawing the fomor would shower herself with the secretions, as would intimate partners, tormentors, or anyone else in close contact. The damage is one die per two Power points spent. This toxic damage may be soaked, but it "clings"; on the first turn it does full damage. After that it loses one die of potency per turn, but inflicts damage until it "wears off" (there are no more dice). Each turn requires a new soak roll from the victim.
Toxic Secretions are often voluntary until something provokes an involuntary reaction--heat will make the fomor sweat, pain will make him cry, and obvious calls of nature will make him eliminate. At the higher levels of toxicity, the fomor begins to damage his environment; 6 points will dissolve clothing in one turn, 9 will dissolve rope, 12 wood, and 15 porcelain or even concrete! Fomor with Toxic Secretions often suffer from the Taint: Disintegration, reflecting the damage the Power inflicts upon its "user."

Umbral PassageEdit

5 Points
The fomor must have Power: Spirit Ties. Umbral Passage allows the fomor to step sideways in and out of the Umbra just like a Garou.
System: The fomor rolls Gnosis against a difficulty equal to the Gauntlet of the area. Use the Stepping Sideways chart to see how long it takes to cross-over.

Venomous BiteEdit

3 Points
The fomor's saliva is a pustulent blue, poisonous foam.
System: The fomor must first inflict at least one Health Level of damage on a target through a bite attack. The poison inflicts Stamina + 2 aggravated damage; this damage cannot be soaked. (The Fianna Gift: Resist Toxin will prevent the poison damage.)

Voice of the WyrmEdit

4 Points
The fomor's tongue is long and slug-like, and the fomor may speak in the Wyrm's own language.
System: When the fomor chants the vile syllables of the Dark Litany, all in hearing range (save Wyrm creatures) must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) or lose half their Gnosis points. This Power may only be used on a given victim once per encounter. The tongue may also lick opponents in close combat, inflicting two dice of damage.

Wall WalkingEdit

4 Points
The fomor's hands and feet are sticky, allowing him to run on sheer surfaces as easily as he can move on flat ground.
System: No roll is normally required to walk walls, but a Dexterity + Athletics roll may be required in combat situations, to retain hold on the surface. This roll may be necessary if the surface is particularly difficult (e.g., wet glass). Certain surfaces (such as wet ice) are almost totally frictionless and cannot be climbed.

Water BreathingEdit

2/5 Points
With this simple Power, the fomor may either breathe underwater or (for five points) need not breathe at all. This Power also confers a certain degree of resistance to underwater pressures and decompression problems, although considerable depths or radical changes (going from 500 feet to 30 in less than a minute) will cause some damage.


5 Points
The fomor has a special gland about the size and shape of a football over his abdomen. The organ has an orifice usually above the navel. The organ can be used to create massive amounts of webbing similar to that of a spider. Fomori must learn how to utilize the webbing, making Webmaking a skill. The fomor may use it to seal off things, capture opponents, or to lower himself from high positions.
System: The webbing has six soak dice and three Health Levels. It is extremely strong and sticky, allowing the fomor to entrap his prey. Entrapped victims must make a Strength roll resisted by the web's Strength of 8. The webbing is thicker than a spider's, almost one inch in diameter, but it is very sheer and hard to see from a distance without a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 7).


3/5 Points
This obvious Power grants the fomor the ability to fly. The name is a bit misleading. The character does not actually have to have wings, though her player will need a good rationale to purchase non-winged flight. However she moves, she may hover, glide, soar, or float about, depending on the nature of her Power.
System: For three points, the fomor may fly at up to normal human jogging speed (13 yards/turn). For five, she may cover 20 yards per turn. With effort, winged fliers may push their speed by adding heir Dexterity score to their flight velocity for short bursts.


Taints are the horrible disadvantages gained from serving the Wyrm. Allegiance to the dragon of corruption comes at a heavy cost. Fomor must have Taints to gain Powers. Each Taint point gives the character one point with which to purchase Powers.

Normally, Taints are not gained through roleplaying; a character's beginning Taints are all she will ever have (thank Gaia!). But sometimes, an even of such hideous ramification occurs as to enforce more horrors on a poor fomor. This can be as simple as standing in a Hellhole or Blight when a freak Wyldstorm comes thundering through. Or perhaps the fomor, while visiting Malfeas, takes a wrong turn into the Black Spiral Labyrinth. She may not exit the same way she entered--if she exits at all.

In these cases, the Storyteller may allow the character the option of choosing another Taint, providing more experience points to go with it (the Wyrm's deformities are often accompanied by new "blessings").

Some of these events are so sudden and cataclysmic that the Storyteller may make the character spend his points on the spot. The Wyldstorm may blow away, leaving the fomor shaken--and with an entirely new arm growing out of her abdomen! Or he may stumble from the Labyrinth with such a terrible insight into the Wyrm's nature as to allow him to psychically wrench secrets from others' minds. All this is, of course, at Storyteller discretion.


The fomor must engage in a particular addictive activity (e.g., shooting up heroin, drinking blood, human sacrifice to a given Urge Wyrm, etc.) or suffer great pain. See the chart below to determine the frequency with which the fomor must obey his addiction (the "cycle"). At the Storyteller's option, the player may choose one of his Powers as his addiction; if he does not use the Power at least once a cycle, he suffers (i.e., Brain Eaters must engage in Brain Eating).
System: For every cycle the fomor does not assuage his addiction, he is overcome with wracking pain. He suffers a one die penalty to all his dice pools for each successive cycle he misses. When the dice penalties total more than his Stamina, he dies.
Points Cycle
1 Once per month
2 Once per moon (choose one moon phase; on the cusp of your phase--by the midpoint between waxing and waning--you must indulge in your addiction)
3 Once per week
4 Once per day
5 Once per hour


One of the fomor's Attributes has atrophied, either completely, or only to a degree.
System: For each point the fomor takes in his Taint, her maximum dot value in a declared Attribute decreases. For example, JoJo has one point of atrophied Strength; this means his maximum value in that Attribute is four (not the usual five). Under no circumstances may this Attribute be raised above its atrophied value (even Power bonuses, such as from Size or Mega-Attribute, will not raise it).
This Taint is only worth full points for the first Attribute chosen. The points awarded for second or third Attributes atrophied are halved (two dots are atrophied for once point). For example, JoJo also atrophies his Charisma. However, he must lose two dots from his maximum to get one point.
Health levels are considered to be one Attribute. Appearance may not be atrophied. Instead the character may purchase the Taint: Ugly as Sin.

Balefire CurseEdit

7 Points
This is the reverse of the Power: Balefire Flux. Whenever the fomor is exposed to Balefire, the toxic excretions of the Wyrm, he may undergo a horrible transformation, gaining a new Taint.
System: After the fomor undergoes five turns of successive exposure to Balefire, roll her Stamina (difficulty 9). At the Storyteller's option, particularly extreme exposure to Balefire may lower the difficulty of the Stamina roll. If successful, the fomor gains a new Taint, chosen randomly. This new "curse" from the Wyrm is instant--the character immediately undergoes a painful transformation for three turns, during which she can take no actions, not even to defend herself. Afterwards, her new Taint will display itself (such as an arm falling off, if she is inflicted with Rotting).
This Taint does not make the fomor immune to Balefire; unless she purchases Immunity, she will suffer any normal damage from the toxin.
Random Taints: Refer to the chart above. Each Taint has a number listed by it on a rang of 1-100. Roll percentile dice to determine which Taint is chosen.

Bane AttractorEdit

3 Points
Banes hate you and they come to see you about it.
System: You will always draw the attention of any local Banes, and they will usually stop their normal tasks to harass you. They cannot possess you (you are already possessed by a Bane), but they will do what they can to screw you over short of directly harming you (they fear you may have friends to avenge you). For instance, a Sludge elemental may leave disgusting droppings for you to step on, ruining your shoes. This Taint may also attract Garou, who might come to see what all the commotion is.


3 Points
The Bane within has really done a number on your mind, forcing you to believe what it wants you to. This brainwashing comes in the form of a powerful, obsessive belief--the most common for fomori being a rabid loyalty to Pentex. These fomori are company men (women/things to the death). Other beliefs can be a religious zeal for the Wyrm or one of its manifestations, a paranoid suspicion of "softies" (humans), a diehard belief that Garou are demons are out to destroy the earth, or any other extreme conviction which may well lead the fomor into a dangerous, no-compromise situation.
System: Whenever the fomor's belief is questioned, he will usually go through three distinct stages: denial, anger, and finally doubt. For instance, if a Garou were to try to convince a Pentex-loyal fomor that Pentex is bad for him and the world, the fomor would first scoff at such a thought. If proof were brought forward, the fomor would believe it was a trick, and might try to attack the bearer of such evidence. If the proofs pile up, undeniable, then the fomor may begin to doubt--and thus his world falls to pieces. Such fomori become suicidal, and usually try to destroy the former object of their belief.

The CrustiesEdit

3 Points
Think of the worst case of dandruff you've ever seen. Now imagine it over the entire obdy and multiply its severity a hundred times. That's the Crusties (aka the "Scrumpy Scritters"). The Crusties is a malady common to fomori with the Slobber Snot Power.
System: For three to ten days every month, the fomor's skin dries out and is covered with a thick, crusty residue. This residue flakes off in large crumbly pieces. It leaves a trail of fine brown powder everywhere the fomor goes. The dust collects in clothes, lungs, and especially eyes (+1 difficulty to Dexterity and Perception, due to discomfort). No matter how much the fomor scratches, picks, or bathes (the very thought of bathing is enough to terrify many fomori) there seems to be no way of stopping it. There are popular folklore stories among the Freakfeet about Crumbly Eddy. They say he got the Crusties so bad that he is now fertilizing a Stargazer's Zen garden in Tibet. Shudder.


3/2/1 Points
Many of the Wyrm's chosen return from their genesis twisted in not just body, but mind also. While it is rare to have more than one Derangement, it is possible. However, the second Derangement is only worth two points, and the third is only worth one. Below is a list of common derangements. Players and GMs should feel free to create their own.
Amnesia: You remember nothing of your life before becoming a fomor. Sometimes you can't remember what you did yesterday.
Choromania: You just can't stop dancing. You turn everything you do into a spontaneous dance (you are not necessarily good at it, though).
Delusions of Grandeur: You believe you are "chosen" by the Wyrm, and only you can perform the deeds necessary for its ultimate conquest. Why won't others recognize this?
Habromania: You have a constant morbid gaiety which other fomori may find sick. You don't necessarily crack jokes about it, but you do giggle at the most perverse times.
Hallucinations: You were so unhinged by the Bane possession that your very perceptions now reverberate with its meaningless madness. At random times, you will see and hear things which are not really thre.
Homicidal: You want to kill, kill, kill and kill again.
Insecure: You are never sure where you stand with your First Team, or even yourself. Insecure fomori usually have very little Willpower.
Klazomania: You have a constant compulsion to shout, rather than speak normally. This will drive those around you crazy; you'd better have the muscle to back it up.
Manic: Everything you do, you do to the hilt and with obsessive energy, which sometimes causes you to burn out with exhaustion before you want to.
Masochism: You love it when pain is inflicted on you.
Misomania: You hate everything.
Multiple Personalities: You have split personalities, many different "beings" inside you who seek expression. Sometimes you can control which one comes to the fore, but most times you cannot. Be creative--come up with names and backgrounds for each personality. No one knows where these split sides come from: they may be latent possibilities awoken within the fomor, or multiple possessing Banes.
Obsession: You fixated on something during your possession, and you cannot forget it. Every moment, it swims into your consciousness. You must pursue it until it cease to haunt you...
Overcompensation: You recognized a weakness during your transformation. You have to hide it -- it is your Achilles' heel. You will distract others from noticing by drawing their attention to another characteristic of yours, such as bullying, cleverness, or stupidity.
Paranoia: You know that something even worse than your possessing Bane tried to get you during your transformation and it will be back. You don't know what it was, and you know it has allies--but who?
Phagomania: You want food, all the time, even when you're not hungry.
Phobias: You fear one thing greatly. But what? It could be daylight, nature, technology, humans, wolves, snakes, closed spaces (tunnels), the dark, Banes, etc. Be creative.
Sadism: You love to inflict pain onto others.
Temperamental: You are prone to just freaking out and losing it. You may frenzy (with none of the benefits) if pushed too far (roll Willpower against a GM-determined difficulty).


6 Points
This is paired with one of the fomor's Powers. This Power is almost as destructive to him as it is to others. Each time he uses it, he takes a Health Level of (non-aggravated, non-soakable) damage. Unless the fomor has Regeneration, this heals at the rate of one Health Level per hour and hurts like the devil. Using the fatal Power too often can and will kill the character. If he goes to Crippled, he'll begin to dissolve; these wounds require at least a day per Level to heal. Any damage that puts him below Incapacitated at this point turns the fomor into an icky puddle of protoplasm.


The fomor only has a certain number of years to live. At the end of this time, she will die a painful death.
Points Years to Live
1 5 Years
2 3 Years
3 1 Year
4 6 months
5 1 month
Those doomed fomori who are also Consecrated will suffer the "Call." The fomor will eventually be summoned to the site of her making to be devoured by the Wyrm. This doom cannot be avoided; fomori have tried to escape by distancing themselves from their genesis site always find some circumstance brings them back to it. Fomori with this Taint do not know when they will be summoned, and usually live their lives as if every day could be their last.

The FadingEdit

5 Points
The fomor's psyche has only the most tenuous of footholds in reality. This is not merely insanity. The fomor's mind has an affinity with one of the aspects of the Triatic Wyrm (or one of the Urge Wyrms), and is actively trying to flee this reality, to "join" with that Wyrm. The Storyteller decides which Wyrm the character is connected with. The fomor has an insanity that is the equivalent of a Derangement (see above).
If the fomor is ever in the presence of her particular aspect of the Wyrm, or one of its more powerful servants (e.g., a Maeljin Incarna), her mind will be torn away to further empower that being (no roll). The only way this may be avoided is if the Wyrm decides to Taint the fomor for some reason (Storyteller's discretion). Such a pollution will permanently scar the fomor (add a Derangement and subtract two Willpower).
System: The fomor must struggle daily to keep her mind from fleeing this reality; upon awakening each day (or night, if the fomor is nocturnal), roll Willpower (difficulty 5). A failure means that the fomor loses a point of Willpower. When all of the fomor's Willpower is gone, so is her mind.


4 Points
Choose a particular Power to pair with this Taint. Whenever something goes wrong with the use of that Power, the character suffers a gangrenous infections. For example, a fomor's Slither Skin is destroyed by a Garou before the fomor could put the skin back on. Without his skin, the fomor suffers a bad infection.
System: The fomor will lose one Health level per day until he is Crippled. This damage will be healed after one week, at the rate of one Level per day.

Inner VolcanoEdit

5 Points
Burn, baby, burn! Inside the Bane-ridden one, temperatures rise to unhealthy levels. She has a perpetual fever, strong enough to break most thermometers under the best of circumstances; when she's under stress or exertion, this fever literally cooks her from within. Death by this Taint is gruesome and unpleasant.
Each three turns of hard physical labor (combat, running, heavy lifting, etc.) painfully inflicts one non-soakable Health Level on the hapless fomor. Naturally, anyone who gets too close to the character during this stage shares her pain; a person who holds, carries, sleeps with or operates on the burning fomor before she cools down will take a Health Level of damage (soakable) unless he insulates himself somehow from the heat. In both cases, this damage is unusually painful, though not aggravated.

Limited MobilityEdit

2 Points
The fomor cannot run as fast as a normal human. This can result from any number of reasons: he has lost a leg, his legs are shorter, he has no legs and must slither like a snake, etc. Halve the character's normal running distance. This Taint can also be purchased for other modes of movement, such as flight if the character has the Power: Wings.

Mental De-evolutionEdit

Choose a particular Power to pair with this Taint. Whenever that Power is used, the character may suffer a loss in mental capability. The loss is temporary, although the more frequently the Power is used, the more permanent the Mental De-evolution becomes.
System: Every time the Power paired with this Taint is used, the character must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). If the roll is successful, there is no effect. If the roll fails, the character loses a number of dots from one of her Mental Attributes equal to the Amount of points the player chooses for this Taint. The Mental Attribute affected (Perception, Intelligence, or Wits) must be chosen when the Taint is taken. This loss lasts for one scene. If the roll botches, the character loses one dot of the Attribute - permanently.
Example: Lars has the Animal Control Power, which he pairs to Intelligence De-evolution (he takes 4 points for the Taint). Later, he uses his Power to control a bear. He must also make a Willpower roll to resist Mental De-evolution. In this case, he fails, and loses four dots from his Intelligence. The player explains this effect as Lars becoming more animalistic in his thinking, a side-effect of controlling animals.
If a character drops to zero in any Attribute, consult the following chart:
Attribute Effect
Perception The character suffers sensorydeprivation (she is blind, deaf, dumb, and numb to touch, nor can she taste).
Intelligence The character thinks only on an animal level of instinct, and can perform no higher functions whatsoever - which includes speech.
Wits The character is extremely slow. Actions take twice as long to perform, and complicated actions may not be perfomed at all. The character - regardless of his Powers (such as Extra Speed) - cannot split his Dice Poole, take extra actions or use Rage points for extra actions. The character always acts last in a given turn, even after other characters have taken all their multiple actions.


Balefire appears as greenish flame, yet has more substance than normal fire. It looks somewhat like wax (as in a lava lamp), except very fluid and liquid and glowing with its own internal incandescence.

Many arguments persist concerning the exact origin and nature of Balefire. The Black Spiral Dancers believe it is the feces of the Wyrm once the foul serpent has fed on pure Gaia energy. Some Pentax scientists believe it is corrupted ephemera, the "physical" substance which makes up the spirit world. Regardless, all know that it is dangerous, although the Black Spirals will often "sacrifice" themselves to it (i.e., expose themselves to its glare for hours) to gain mystical insights, believing that the cancerous tumors that grow in their brain as a result will give them corrupt enlightenment.

The etymology of Balefire is unsure. The fae also use the word Balefire to refer to their hearthfires, the fires Beltane. The Fianna believe that he White Howlers, the Pictish tribe of werewolves from northern Scotland, knew the Beltane fires well and worshipped at them as did their Celtic cousins. However, once they became corrupt after dancing the Spiral, they worshipped at the feast fires of the Wyrm instead, and called their new hearth flames Balefire, in mockery of their pure cousins' ways.

Exposure to BalefireEdit

This stuff burns, baby, and it does so even from a distance. A Balefire torch will irradiate anyone standing within three yards of it; a Balefire bonfire will irradiate anyone within seven yards; and a raging inferno of Balefire will irradiate anyone within 15 yards. Use the fire rules to determine the damage based on the size of the flame. However, this damage cannot be soaked, takes twice as long to heal, and its victim has a chance to gain a horrible mutation of the Storyteller's discretion. The Gift: Resist Toxin will prevent this damage.

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