(3 pt Flaw)

Despite the ice-cold Technocrat stereotype, you go ballistic at any provocation. You revert to an animalistic state of mind, diving into fight-or-flight instincts. The good points: You become extremely strong and nearly invulnerable to pain. The bad points: You attack everything in your vicinity, forgetting small details like friendships, tactics or innocent bystanders. While this heedless mania makes you good in a fight, your comrades tend to wind you up and run.

A common Flaw among genetically engineered constructs and cybernetically enhanced soldiers, Stress Atavism surges up during combat or other high-stress situations. If the Storyteller asks you to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) and you fail, the madness overcomes you. In your atavistic state, add two dice to your Strength, one die to your Stamina and three "Bruised" health levels. You also go completely apeshit, firing all weapons at full-auto until the magazines empty, then lashing out with hands, feet and anything else that seems convenient. Once you go atavistic, you fight until one of two things happens: either you are rendered helpless, or everyone else in the area is. Naturally, Control considers you an extraordinarily loose cannon. There's a termination order waiting for the day you outlive your usefulness....