(1 Point Flaw)

You began your training in magick either very early in your life or very late. Maybe you were not discovered by anyone until you had already passed the usual age of students, but the Master, for whatever reason, chose to teach you anyway. Or perhaps something about you intrigued your masters so much that they began your studies very early (see the Merit: Prodigy). This age difference will cause people to react to you differently. If you are older than the norm, they may either think that you are more skilled than you actually are (which could get you in over your head quickly) or think that you're a joke. If you're young, the other students may resent you or not take you seriously. ("You've got to be kidding. He's just a kid!") Increase the difficulty of your Social rolls by 1 to 3 depending on the circumstances of your situation or the individual you are confronting.