Background Cost: 6 Edit

The cuckoo lays her egg in the nests of other birds. The chick then pushes the other squabs out of the nest, and the unsuspecting foster parents raise it. Likewise, the children of Cuckoo are master infiltrators, able to enter caerns, Pentex offices and even Black Spiral Hives without being challenged. Exceptional spies and manipulators, packs aligned with Cuckoo often win prize fetishes and choice quarters in septs, earning the resentment of more "deserving" Garou.

Traits Edit

Cuckoo grants her packs an additional dot of Manipulation and two dots of Subterfuge. In addition, it grants the power to be overlooked. The player of the pack member granted this power rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 6 or higher depending on how well the Garou blends in to begin with). Anyone who notices her must get more successes on a Perception + Vigilance roll than the Garou's player rolled. Guards will assume that the pack member is "one of us," and even a ranking officer won't think twice about the "tech" or servant in the corner. Should the character draw attention to herself (by attacking someone or speaking loudly, for instance) the player must roll again immediately with a +2 difficulty penalty, lest the character lose the effect.

Ban Edit

Cuckoo's children are opportunists who often seek to improve their pack's situation at the expense of others. Garou aware of the pack's affiliation will be very wary. Pack members lose two temporary points from any Honor Renown award.

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