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Like most scavengers, Crow trusts the strong to do his killing for him. Survival depends on finding the right opportunity and making the most of it. Once Crow has found a powerful ally, it patiently, loyally and humbly supports him. This does not mean, however, that a Crow pack will tolerate exploitation or betrayal. If betrayed, the pack seeks out an even better opportunity – a new, more powerful ally who can carry out retribution. Failing that, crow-spirits patiently carry out revenge with remarkable subtlety.


Packs of Crow gain two points in Alertness and Subterfuge and one point in Etiquette. The totem spirit usually circles around or lands on the shoulder of the Garou he’s currently helping.


Crow’s followers accept their station in the hierarchy of Garou, remaining loyal to those they serve. Some extend this to extreme tribal loyalty, while others interpret this as fanatic support of an individual. Either way, if the pack isn’t zealous enough in supporting a more powerful Garou, the totem spirit will disappear for a while. If the pack doesn’t notice or care, the totem-spirit may orchestrate its own schemes to ensure that Crow’s children return to the fold.

Crow asks his children consider an additional Ban: forsaking all wealth and trusting for Gaia to provide. If they accept this challenge, the pack members cannot keep anything of value other than their fetishes and dedicated items; instead, they need to “recycle” trash for what they need. If the pack formally declares they are upholding this additional Ban at a monthly moot, they gain one point of temporary Honor right away; they also receive one temporary Honor each time they renew this pledge. In addition, the pack’s totem spirit becomes more powerful, gaining the equivalent of another five temporary points in the Totem Background; this lasts until the next monthly moot. Instead of a lone crow-spirit, the totem spirit then manifests as a murder of crows eager to help the pack scavenge for what they need. Packs brave enough to make this pledge learn how well Gaia provides for them.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Rev

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