Background Cost: 8 Edit

Also known as Horus, Sekhmet, Nefertiri, Bishomon, Shango, Huitzilipochtli, Ares, Athena, Mars, Minerva, Tyr, or the Archangel Michael, the spirit of War is one of the oldest and most feared of all. She does not choose any but the greatest of warriors as her children, and refuses to be disobeyed. As well as a great warrior, she is a great tactician and commander. The development of Dies Ultimae pleases her greatly, and she is a popular totem with them.

Clashing Boom-Boom appears in many forms and adjusts her appearance to suit the age. In the modern world she frequently appears as a stealth bomber flying overhead, a cloud of gunpowder referred to as "The Fog of War," a stern elderly woman in crisp military attire or a young woman wearing complex armor made of Kevlar and hard plates in strange formation - an image of the future of warfare.

Traits Edit

Clashing Boom-Boom's children each gain 2 dice to their Marksmanship and Melee Skills. No target is ever impossible to hit, as long as it can be seen; the maximum difficulty for any roll involving weapons is 8. Her children are also taught the art of warfare, and instinctively know how to properly use any weapon they hold. In addition, she convey some knowledge of tactics: her children can make untrained Leadership rolls with no penalty, just as if Leadership were a Talent. Clashing Boom-Boom also ensures her children's weapons never jam.

Ban Edit

Clashing Boom-Boom is a harsh mother to follow. As a military commander, she is free to issue orders and when she does she expects to be obeyed. Refusing a direct order can be grounds for dismissal; acting against her orders may be considered treachery. She will fire upon traitors.

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